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What's Brewing With You?

Good Day friends and family it’s Tuesday and per usual I want to know What’s Brewing? Seriously though share with me in the comments what you conjured up this morning I’m curious what ya’ll are sippin on in the morning. Well, hey, this month is dedicated to women’s health. We are getting in line with the New Year’s drive for getting healthy after the holidays by discussing all things health. Today, we will look into coffee positives and negatives and also explore some major superfoods that we MUST get on. Let’s start by looking at coffee pros and cons:

Coffee Myths Busted

Research has linked those that drink coffee (no matter how you took it) about 12% were less likely to die from cancer, stroke, heart disease, or diabetes than non-drinkers. WHY? Research suggests compounds in coffee, such as polyphenols (plant chemicals that boast antioxidant properties), can protect against cell damage and illness, but also coffee drinkers are more likely to have other good habits that promote health longevity, like social contact with close friends.

Some other PROS you may already be familiar with are:

· increase working capacity and endurance

· improves memory

· helps to resist stress and depression

· increase immunity

· prevents kidney, gallbladder, thyroid and other organs;

· reduces the risk for developing cancer, asthma, atherosclerosis, anemia, heart attack, diabetes, and even Parkinson’s disease

· prevents aging of the body

· stimulates creative thinking

· and is rich in minerals and vitamins A, C, PP groups B, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron.

Also the added bonus of no calories if you drink without cream and sugar.

However, I can’t just praise coffee without letting you know the other side which are true disadvantages.

Some Disadvantages

While it does have all these super amazing advantages the disadvantage is the irritation of the nervous system. Excessive consumption of anything can do more damage than good and studies have shown with coffee it can lead to increased anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbances, and swelling of the body. To give you an idea, a typical cup of coffee contains 200 mg of caffeine. Large doses of caffeine 1000 mg per day is what depletes nerve cells.

Drinking excessive coffee during pregnancy has also been linked to the development of gestational diabetes and gross underweight development. In excess is can also be damaging to the cardiovascular and nervous system of the fetus. Studies have also seen that excessive coffee can also reduce fertility.

Drinking excessive amount of coffee during menstruation can also significantly worsen symptoms simply because coffee retains fluid in the body and our bodies already fraught with strong edema during this time.

Now I know that is a total bummer to read but please keep in mind again that it’s excessive coffee which means over 1000 mg per day. I’m pretty sure I did this back in college and I can say I definetly felt all the negative effects including severe dehydration which is not something to play with.


Here’s some alternatives you can do if you are cutting it close each day:

· Drink natural coffee (soluble varieties are tasteless and harmful)

· Drink decaf in intervals (if you have had 2 cups of coffee make your third decaf)

· The max recommendation is 1-2 cups per day consider substitutions (decaf or tea)

The most important thing is always health so if you find yourself drinking more than you should try including a decaf cup or tea but if you are still struggling it may be time to consult your physician.


Now I want to turn your attention to SUPERFOODS because I know many of us aren’t consuming nearly enough of these! I gathered a list of the top 10 recommended foods that add the most nutrients to your plate so read on…

1. Broccoli

-- Excellent cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and broccoli help fight against cancer. It has been found to slow the spread of breast cancer and a chemical component found in broccoli made certain cancer cells self-destruct.

b. To get you started here’s an amazing recipe:

2. Beets

-- Beets happen to be one of my favorite vegetables and I can eat it by itself (don’t judge). The reason is because they are sweet, rich, and even buttery. Beets have been found to lower your blood pressure. Many people will choose to drink beet juice instead of eating it for more immediate effects. Even if you don’t have high blood pressure many people develop hypertension at some point in their life (90%). High blood pressure can damage your arteries folks, which can lead to plaque buildup, heart disease, blood clots, and strokes.

-- Beets are also loaded with potassium which counteracts the effects of our salt intake.

-- It’s high in folate which is what we use to produce new cells and prevent DNA damage.

-- Beet juice also boost stamina by 16% which is ideal for exercise.

-- Besides eating them straight up I use beets in salad. Here’s an amazing recipe:

3. Tumeric

-- Don’t sleep on turmeric ya’ll!! I learned so much about this spice last year for skin and healing scars. Curcumin, a plant nutrient found in turmeric has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries to treat infections and speed up healing.

-- Research also suggests that it can be used in treating conditions of inflammation, digestive problems, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s. Regions of India with the highest consumption of turmeric have shown lower rates of Alzheimer’s disease than the rest of the world.

-- Most recipes that have turmeric are yellow curry dishes so here’s a delicious one that I’ve tried: Easy Low Carb Butter Chicken

4. Sardines

-- I won’t lie FAM when I saw this I instantly said “NO WAY”. However, I’m someone who needs the nutrients it supplies and it’s much cheaper and way more convenient than other fish. Sardines are filled with vitamin D, fish oil, and calcium. Just 1 can of sardines has 125% of your vitamin D needs, 35% of your calcium needs and 88% of your daily selenium (an antioxidant that helps promote the immune system and protects cells from damage).

-- It’s recommended to get the bone in kind but if you simply can’t stand the idea of sardines you can also do canned salmon with the bone in. Just try to find one’s with less salt.

-- Here a surprisingly yummy recipe for sardines that I plan on trying:

5. Kale

-- Kale has received a ton of attention over the past several years because of it’s amazing benefits and amazing taste. It’s also a part of the broccoli family so we know it helps fight cancer and plays a role in heart health. What you may not have known is just a half cup of kale juice per day lowers LDL cholesterol in just 12 weeks.

-- Kale is full of vitamin C, calcium, and vitamin A. Leafy greens also contain carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxathin which helps preserve vison and prevent eyestrain.

-- I have a few amazing Kale recipes fam so check these out:

6. Blueberries

-- So funny I’ve never been a big fan of blueberries but my kid has loved them since he was a baby and popped them like they were candy. Blueberries are super-antioxidants anti-inflammatory properties. They lower your risk of heart-disease, diabetes, and arthritis.

-- Blueberry muffins are everyone’s go to but you can also throw them in a yogurt bowl, fruit salad, or just eat them by themselves as a snack. Dried blueberries are also pretty yummy.

7. Black Beans

-- Black beans are common in Mexican cuisine but did you know these little guys are loaded with essential minerals folate, magnesium, and iron? Fact! People who regularly consume beans have better weight management and blood sugar regulation.

-- They are full of soluble fiber and have three times the amount of omega 3 fats than any other bean. The dark skin of the bean also contains cancer-fighting chemicals called flavonoids.

-- Here’s a few ways you can enjoy this tasty bean:

8. Tart cherries

-- Tart cherries are not the same as the sweet black cherries you see in the produce isle. Tart cherries are the ones often used in baking so you’ll typically find them in a can, frozen, or as a juice.

-- Tart cherries are an anti-inflammatory and are great for managing pain. Studies have shown that they are great for post-workout muscle soreness, lowering cholesterol, and reduce body fat.

-- Besides cherry pie (which is how I enjoy cherries) here’s another recipe:

9. Almonds

-- Almonds are my favorite ya’ll and I use to eat them all the time whenI struggled with IBS as a teen. Almonds are prebiotic and help relieve digestive problems and boost calcium absorption. They are also high in vitamin E, lower LDL cholesterol, and lower your risk of heart disease.

-- Almonds are also packed full of protein and when I say “packed”, I mean more protein than an egg. They also contain magnesium which is responsible for the production of dopamine in the brain which regulates your mood.

-- Almonds can be thrown into anything but here’s my favorite salad:

10. Quinoa

-- Contains all nine essential amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. Amino acids make up our muscles, tendons, glands, and organs. Quinoa is also a good source of magnesium which helps relax blood vessels and maintain healthy blood pressure.

-- I use quinoa as a base or substitute for rice here’s a few fun ideas:

Alright Fam that’s everything I have for you on this weeks What’s Brewing With You. Please share with me some fun things you do with these superfoods as well as your favorite coffee. I’d love to learn about my readers and share some tips. I have fun stuff coming this week and the next few so stay turned. As always…

--Be Free

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