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Greetings friends we are walking back in time today by looking at all things Vintage! This week we are on  a Back2Life Style Journey and I threw it back to 1986 (which feels strange at times to call it vintage). Why  1986? Because you are looking at the style of the one and only Janet Jackson, whose style has been  iconic since her time on the hit TV series Different Strokes to her  1989 album Rhythm Nation. Now I’m pretty sure 90% of you the first thought that came to mind was the  Military style uniforms from the song Rhythm Nation in the black and white video. Let’s start there  because it made an appearance on stage again but revamped at the 2004 Superbowl ( yes the Oops  incident). The military unform style we’ve seen time and time again be reproduced by a number of  different artist from Beyonce and Ciara to Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga. This iconic look is often imitated  but with Janet it’s never duplicated. Robert Behar has been her designer behind her concert styles for 13  years. When talking about her style in relation to her past work he describes it as modern, futuristic,  with both fashion and street elements. Janet’s style carried into the 90’s and she even made a notable  comment that she became the “national anthem of the 90’s.”

This year's Fall Fashion has been inspired by the pasts simple and thoroughly wearable creations. Straight off the runway in New York, London, Milan, and Paris we've seen a resurgence of the bomber jacket and high waisted folded belt trend. Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 is offering some sass and fierceness but it quickly shows some resemblance to past trends like those of the late 80's. You are all, I'm sure, familiar with the Cosby Show's Lisa Bonet and her influential style that she carried over to her own spin off sitcom A Different World. As a trend setter, herself, she's known for the high waited folded belt trend. The character Jalessa Vinson played by Dawn Lewis is pictured here with the notable bomber jacket that has been worn by many of the runway models this season.

On the Chloe runway we saw high waisted flared jeans and trousers styled with earth tones tops with a bomber jacket. Maison Chloe or Chloe as it is known is a French fashion boutique founded by Gaby Aghion, a pioneer of ready-to-wear. Her style is known for its boyish elegance with boundless femininity which are said to exist in "perfect harmony" in her fashion universe. During the 1980's fashion was seen as a "playground" where inspiration could be found almost anywhere. The inspiration from much of the late 80's style from Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation to television icons like Lisa Bonet and Dawn Lewis has made an impact on fashion that is still being utilized today. The styles of our influential sista's has been brought back to life and its comeback has shown up on this years runway. Check out the images below for how to get these looks at home:

As always feel free to share any ideas and tips you have for what you are doing to achieve this look at home.

Till tomorrow...

--Be Free

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