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Compositions & Coffee Presents: "Creative Soul Digest"

It’s A Vibe Friday

Hey loved one’s it’s my favorite day of the week Friday and now It’s A Vibe as well! I love talking about music that puts you in a blissful state but also ignites your soul. There’s a few genres that do this to me but Soul (all variations) is the original. Combine that with R&B and you get a winning combination. This weeks artist understood this powerful combo but even moreso understood the power of poetry and spoken word (also to of my faves). That’s right…Floetry!

Who is Floetry

I always wondered if it was just me that detected an accent when listening to their music…turns out I was right. They are an English R&B duo that came together in 1997 through their love of music and poetry. Masha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart met in London and did their first collab adding poetry to a song that Natalie was working on. After the positive response from their performances all throughout London they began writing songs together and ultimately moved to the US to pursue their musical career. They have written music for Neo-Soul founders like Jill Scott, Dru Hill, Jazz and even Michael Jackson’s song Butterflies. In 2006 after 2 albums and one live album the pair parted ways pursuing solo careers but they will always be remembered for their influence on Neo-Soul today.

The Music

In 2002, Floetic their debut album, was released with hits like 'Say Yes' and 'Getting Late'. It stayed on the Hot 100 Billboard charts for 20 weeks. They released a live album titled Floacism in 2003 with the single 'Wanna B Where U R' featuring Mos Def. Their third and final album was Flo’Ology in 2005 with the hit single 'Supastar' featuring Common. Floetry’s skillful writing, soulful sound, infused with funk and R&B is what made them unique and sought after. Listening to their music is like listening to spoken word in a coffee house or spoken word bar it takes you to a place of deep emotion. Combined with amazing vocals that send you deeper into that space and transcend you into a state of bliss in which you have no intention of coming back from…at least until the next song starts up.

I’m sure many of you know 'Say Yes' with all it’s sexiness and of course 'Butterflies' from MJ but go check out their albums as well. I have the playlist from YouTube for each album below just click the album title for the link:

Alright my dears I know after listening to their music you are definetly going to have something to say in the comments right? Any way go get your good vibe on and DON’T LET NO ONE KILL IT! Check out the recommendations below, enjoy your weekend, stay positive and…

--Be Free

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