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Beast Coast Wednesday

What up FAM and get ready for BEAST COAST WEDNESDAY!!!

I love to get y’all pumped up on Wednesday and ready to power through the rest of the week. This week especially since it’s all about our female MC’s that paved the way for the artist of today. Hip-hop is a male dominated industry but women have broken through to show they are also able to hold their own with the best of them and even outshine them. To honor our baddies in the game I’m going to keep it brief and let their music speak for itself. Last I’ll have a bomb playlist for you at the end with all my fave songs from each artist. Just click the link, listen, then download on your streaming platform. Let’s get it…

Best Female MC’s

Lauryn Hill

No introduction needed y’all know and I sung her praises last month as well. From her work with the Fugee’s to the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill she has the bars, vocal prowess, and is a pure lyricist.

Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown has influenced both male and female artists with her vicious rhymes.

Queen Latifah

The Queen is the ultimate MC, role model, and entrepreneurs. She’s successful and has been an inspiration for all others to explore different arenas and become not just entertainers but businesswomen.

Lil’ Kim

Hands down one of the best to ever do it. She’s been ahead of the game as not just a musician but a fashion icon. A true influence to so many that have come after her no questions.


We all know the song and the lyrics that put her on the map (in case you don’t My Neck, My Back) and she continues to make music today.


Was the first female rapper out of Murder Inc.

Crime Mob’s Diamond and Princess

Diamond and Princess were the leading ladies of Crime Mob and they brought fire, sex appeal, and charismatic lyrics that helped the group gain mainstream popularity.


Another legend where no introduction is needed. These queens have been dubbed, “The First Ladies of Rap and Hip Hop.”

Missy Elliot

One of the greatest to ever do it TRULY! Her creativity knows no bounds as she gifts the culture with music and visuals.


I know y’all didn’t forget about Ms. Trina....I Told Y'all haha

MC Lyte

Labeled the pioneer of female hip-hop, MC Lyte is a grammy nominated American rapper and a true OG.


A true entertainer Eve is a rapper, actress, talk show host, and a singer-songwriter. She can do it all but I will always remember her as the early 2000s E-V-EEEE.


Shawna and Ludacris were an amazing duo and she holds the crown as the first female artist to be signed to Def Jam South.

Da Brat

The So So Def Queen! Winning as Best Rap Album, Top Rap Artist, Single, Top Female Rap Artist Da Brat is a legacy and is up there with the best to ever do it.

TLC’s Left Eye Lopez

A prominent member of the group TLC she brought home 4 Grammy’s and had a brief solo career before her life was cut short.

Those are just my number one’s please feel free to share yours as well. Alright lastly I got my list of top songs by each artist so check’em out and drop me a comment…

The Master MC List

Let me Live

What’Chu Like

Sock It 2 Me

Sittin On Top of the World

That’s What I’m Looking For

Gettin Some

Let Me Blow Your Mind

Gangsta Lovin

Hot Boyz


Told Y’all

Push It

Whatta Man


None of Your Business

I’ll Be

Get Me Home

Doo Wop (That Thing)

Lost Ones

If I Ruled the World

Ready Or Not


Wanna Be Down

The Jump Off

Magic Stick

How Many Licks

Big Momma Thang

My Neck, My Back

Put it On Me


Knuck if You Buck

Rock Yo Hips

Stilettos (Pumps)

Get Ur Freak On

Lose Control

Sock It 2 Me

Work It



I'm Really Hot

Pass That Dutch


Woo that's one heck of a list y'all such amazing women and true pioneers. I know I know...you're welcome for giving you these bangers on Hump Day. Ha! Alright that's my list for you this week. Next week we will talk new trailblazers until then get at those recommendations below and prepare to talk fashion tomorrow! Much love and....

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