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What's Brewing With You?

Hello Family!

It’s Tuesday and I am enjoying a yummy homemade cappuccino. That’s right! It also didn’t take a fancy espresso machine to make it. Want to know more? Sign up for Just Right Homebrew tutorials and get ready to start your own barista journey.

Alright so out here in the Midwest the popular coffee destination is, believe it or not, Dunkin Donuts, not Starbucks, or Pete’s Coffee. Right?! Well, I grabbed a cup of coffee the other day and while standing in line paid attention to what people were ordering. There was a clear difference in what men ordered versus what women ordered. So for this weeks What’s Brewing With You, let’s look at why and what a girl wants…..

Gender Coffee Preferences

It’s interesting to see the difference in coffee preference among men and women but I can honestly say having worked in a coffee shop, it’s true. Most women prefer lattes and specialty drinks at their favorite coffee shop while men either drink black coffee or espresso. Scientific Research Food and Nutrition Journal published an article that showed young males preferred drinking coffee over young women. Young women were actually found to dislike the taste of coffee and espresso due to a negative experience and choose not to drink it. Women who did consume coffee often choose to drink sweet coffee over bold roasts and even bolder espresso. Another article posted by Food and Nutrition Science states that more than 50% of men consume coffee compared to 32% of women. On average men consume 2.4 cups of coffee a day which is half a cup more than women. Women were also the biggest supporters of coffee chains like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Men on the other hand were more likely to make coffee at home or visit Indie coffee shops.

Women also drank more tea and males drank carbonated and sports drinks.

We ladies aren’t just about our sugary sweetness we are about variety and change. We love to spice things up every once in awhile rather than sticking to our same cup of Joy. Latte’s, cappuccino’s, mocha’s, you name it we love to get creative with our bean. In celebration of this I want to share the different specialty drinks we know and love and those we may not know about.


Formally called Cafe Latte, it is made up of espresso and a cup of steamed milk (8-20 oz). Latte’s can also be made cold with espresso and cold milk (8-20 oz). The difference in the latte and it’s sister cappuccino is as simple as the layer of foam. Latte’s have a thinner layer of foam than cappuccino’s. Latte’s can be as simple as just their steamed milk and espresso but also spiced up with added flavors. Ex: Pumpkin Spice Latte, Vanilla Latte, Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

There are also tea latte’s with no espresso simply tea bags or powders. Oh and don’t forget the fun of Latte art.


Always my favorite to make because depending on how you steam it you can make the fluffiest whipped topping ever. Microfoam is made with steam milk aerated for roughly 8 seconds or more. Cappuccino’s are unique from lattes in that it’s half steamed warm milk and half the microfoam with of course espresso. Cappuccino’s can also have sugar and flavor.


Café Macchiato’s rose to fame with Starbuck’s Caramel Macchiato. They are the coffee beverage with the least amount of foam. Much like a latte they are made up of mostly milk, espresso, and a dollup of foam. They are made like an upside down vanilla latte where the syrup goes in first, espresso, milk, then a foam layer on top with a sweet drizzle known as a cross hatch. There are also espresso macchiatos made of shots of espresso with a sweet creamy foam on top (very Italian).


Café Mocha or White Mocha are another espresso flavored beverage that is made like a macchiato but instead of vanilla a heavy syrup base is used. The recipe is as follows: heavy syrup, espresso, steamed or cold milk, whip cream or foam topping. It can be made hot or cold. This is one of the sweetest and most popular beverages especially in the colder months.

Cafe Au Lait

The Café Au Lait is made of half brewed coffee and half steamed milk topped with foam. This was my go to coffee of choice the first year I worked at a coffee shop because it’s so simple while granting you the full flavor of your roast. It’s simple to make a home with your brewing method and an aerator.

Flat White

Thought to be a cross between a latte and cappuccino, the flat white is made like a latte but has the free pour to give it that velvety microfoam like a cappuccino. The espresso shots, however, are what make the drink. The crema of the shot and the darker fuller body give the flat white a stronger bolder taste than the latte or cappuccino. You can recognize it from it’s white dot in the center of the foam.

I will be teaching how to make these amazing beverages in Just Right Home Brew so make sure you sign up for this Eclective each month to learn something new. I’d love to have you.

Alright folks that’s this weeks What Brewing With You. Check out the recommendations below and get ready to Beast through your HUMP DAY with us tomorrow.

--Be Free

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