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Mindful Movement Monday

Welcome back for another exciting week at Creative Soul Digest. Last time we were together we honored and learned about the history of Mother’s Day. I hope all my beautiful mama’s had time to love on others and be loved on. I was able to love on my mama and be loved on by my mama and sister-in-law. As you’ll see below we couldn’t find white carnations but I did find some white flowers so we compromised:

WE SO CUTE (left: Sis, middle: Mama, right: yours truly)

So, for this week folks we will continue supporting mom's by discussing unwinding, healing, and cleansing of our homes. The ancient practices and wisdom all came from none other than MOTHERS (mother nature). Who best to know ways to heal our bodies, our families, and how to make ya FEEL GOOD! We will look at some top preferences and end with some recommendations.

The Unwind

How many of you have said, “I don’t have time?” Well that’s a lie and ya’ll know it. Finding time to unwind and truly just take a moment is not just important for us but for those around us. We revitalize so we can mentally and physically be present for others as well. A blog by offered 10 Ways to Unwind as a Busy Mom. Although the suggestions were basic it’s interesting how when going down the list we mentally say, “Nope can’t do it” or “I’d love to have time for that.” You can friends…it’s called budgeting your time just like you budget your money. Check them out:

1. Read (We got you check out Mental Diet Plans)

2. Write

3. Draw or Color

4. Music

5. Have a meal to yourself

6. Sit outside or get outside

7. Take a bath

8. A glass of something (Love this)

9. Craft

10. Pamper yourself

Now picture this 15-25 minute allowance. That’s doable right? Build up to the full 60 minutes but if you start small and make it a habit over 3 weeks it gets built into your routine. I have to challenge myself with this as well because I always say I don’t have time to sit down and read and my reading list is extremely long (thank goodness for audiobooks). However, I want to feel pages in my hands again and feel the joy of moving my bookmark. Let’s make this a challenge FAM 3 weeks let’s see how we do. Choose 1 item from the list above to incorporate into your routine for 3 weeks, however many increments you can do each day, as long as it’s 15+. I’ll check in on you next month. Next up healing…

How We Heal

Healing is ever so important after the year and half we’ve had, and it’s important we keep that at the top of our priority list. Whether that’s physically, mentally, or spiritually they are all connected and healing one promotes healing in all. Here’s a few ways we do so naturally:

1. Sleep

2. Drink water

3. Use positive language

4. Eat nutrient dense foods

5. Exercise

6. Daily dose of vitamin D and fresh air

Simple right? Not always, therefore we have to look at alternative solutions or additional ways to heal ourselves. Here are a few suggestions that I personally do:

1. Yoga & Meditation

2. Exercise classes

3. Acupuncture

4. Massage & Facials

5. Chiropractor

6. Join a social group (outdoor group is what I do)

7. Use your crystals

8. Spiritual advisor (prayers and scripture as well)

9. Biomat

10. Reiki

There are so many more and it really depends on what you’re needing. Listen to your body and trust your intuition and the wisdom of mother’s before us channeled through us.


Yes, friends because you can’t keep things the way they were before we have to innact change for long term success. Not to mention nobody wants that negative energy in their house. Here’s a few ways to detox/cleanse:

1. Sage your home (reset intention)

2. Turn off screens for 24 hours

3. Clean eating (throw out food that you wouldn’t want your kids eating)

4. Declutter

5. Donate what you don’t need or use

6. Create a retreat somewhere in your home

7. Add plants to your home

This is always good to do when there’s change in your life, environment, or if things are starting to shift a bit off balance for you. I personally recommend doing sage once a month and use that as a time to reassess how everything is aligning in your life.

I know I said we’d discuss Women’s Black History Month and my feelings towards that but we can save that for another conversation. If you’d like to hear more about the topic please leave me a thumbs up in the comments along with what more you’d like to hear. I’m always open to ideas friends please feel free to share. Think of Creative Soul Digest as your community….we share info, ideas, and a common purpose here. Unifying, uplifting, sharing, enlightening, creating, etc., if you didn’t know that’s what we about WE ABOUT THAT LIFE! Ha!

Well, that’s all I have for you this Monday. I’m excited to jump into another month full of possibilities with you so please share and keep checking back in for what’s new.

I got recommendations to share below and a ton of goodness tomorrow. Until then..

--Be Free

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