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r-E-mix Wednesday

Get ready for the REMIX!! That’s correct we are remixing our Wednesday’s to bring you all things “E”ntertainment (like what we did there?). This means on Wednesday’s now we will cover all things music, movies, television, magazines/comics, hot celebrity gossip (spilin the tea for your reading pleasure), and whatever else our digest family is cravvving! We got you as always! On our last day of June, and for our second REMIX Wednesday we are going to review a movie about the best HOOD…Fatherhood! YESSS!!! Netflix presents Fatherhood starring the one and only Kevin Hart. If you’ve seen it already you know all the feels we are about to discuss (plus some insight provided by MUAH along the way). If you haven’t…..



I love it when Lil Rel Howery AKA Jordan in the movie says “Someone’s cutting onions” because that was literally the whole movie. I mean really who in my house was cutting onions for 1 hour and 57 minutes that’s crazy! Okay let’s get serious now…from start to finish that movie was powerful. This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of watching Kevin Hart in a serious roll with The Upside. In Fatherhood, Kevin plays Matthew Logelin, a widowed father to his newborn daughter. In the movie we get to see his journey through fatherhood and trying to make the best decisions for his daughter. The first 5-10 minutes you were instantly thrown into the emotional heart wrenching back story of when Matthew became a single parent. I appreciated the comedic moments as well while also giving you the buildup before going into a full blown ugly cry. Once you used up over 10 tissues it moves along creating a feeling of hope as Matthew stands up to opposers in his life with the line, “I’m a father and I love her.” Yes!! I honestly, had a huge problem with Marion’s character because she just seemed extra mean and snarky with her comments and I feel like that’s a common role for Alfre Woodard to play. I also didn’t care for how Matthew’s mom let her slide with those unkind words about her own son. Well, I let it go because this may have also been the honest truth about their family dynamics and we all have encountered people like that at one point. That line you catch more flies with honey than vinegar but more with a fly swatter….BRUTAL!

The comedy was on point though from jump…I love the banter, witty comments, and pure bluntness of Kevin, his boss, his friends, even Maddy. Even the realness moments of parenthood when you leave the car seat or baby behind, diaper struggles, colicky stage and trying to troubleshoot.

Then we are introduced to big girl Maddy, with her keeping daddy together while also blossoming into this beautiful, independent, happy little person. Everything seems to be going good in their life and then they meet Liz…AKA Swan. Suddenly, Matthew’s attention is divided as he explores a new relationship with a new Liz (his wife’s name was Liz in case you missed the connection). He struggled through his first major crisis with his daughter, trying to figure out what the right decision was for himself, and for her (basic parenthood). He ultimately made the tough decision to remove himself from the picture. He left his daughter with her grandparents for a period of time and tried to move into a new position in his career. However, as the move wound down he realized he didn’t want to do life without his daughter or not be there to share more memories with her. The movie ended with him picking up his daughter and going to rekindle things with Swan (he broke it off in case you missed that scene). It was a very sweet ending folks.

Here were some of the takeaways for me and some feedback. Let’s start with the takeaways..

#1 There are single Father’s out there navigating parenthood

-Key takeaway from the movie was looking at single father’s (especially black single father’s) through a different lens. We too often think women when we think of single parent life but don’t always acknowledge the men out there doing it too. Now single father’s are in that position for a number of different reasons and this movie highlighted one that we often don’t think of….death after or during child birth.

#2 Parenthood looks different for everyone

-Key take away from this movie, navigating the world of parenting is tough but doing so without a tribe is even harder. Everyone’s tribe also may be compromised of different people. In the case with Matthew (Kevin Hart), we got the impression right away that his mother-in-law was not someone he wanted in his tribe. The first 10-20 minutes and even throughout the movie, you truly questioned who his tribe was going to consist of because he was emotionally unavailable. The trauma and loss, yes, but also you could see he needed the right people around him to support him in his decision to be a single father. Marion’s character, his boss, and even his friends are all REAL reflections of people’s perceptions and doubts. Even as parents our own doubts and fears pop in there but we manage to come out on the otherside.

#3 Single parents come in all shapes and sizes and it’s all HARD the same

-Matthews story of love, loss, and becoming both mom and dad to his young daughter is a story we don’t often hear about that deserved light. Seeing his journey played on the screen was all to familiar to many parents, myself included. The one thing I would say is that single parenting is experienced in so many different forms, even by some married couples. A one-sided partnership, a parent not being well enough to be present, losings a loved one, or just one parent deciding not to be involved are all hard, not just the parents but the little ones. I did appreciate the positive spin and recognition of another story that’s not often told.

Alright folks here’s the feedback…

My only big issue was not getting the full story. It would have been great to know more about Matthew and Liz’s (wife) story to provide some depth. It would have been nice to dive more into how they met, there life prior to pregnancy, and during pregnancy. We are thrust into this emotional pull and tug between Marion and Matthew but don’t really know why other than she blames Matthew. I also would have loved to see a connection between Matthew’s parenting and confronting his own father. That’s just my add from the deleted scenes that would have given that extra "umph" but I get it. Honestly, not much negative feedback to give. The comedy was gold, there were a few questionable acting moments from other cast members and I would have loved to see more culturally diverse in the cast but overall great movie. I’m sure much of it had to adhere to the book…speaking of the book....

Two Kisses For Maddy: A Memoir of Love & Loss

Yes folks this story is true (not always 100% because, you know Hollywood). Matthew Logelin’s story is 100% real! He lost his wife in 2008 shortly after giving birth to their daughter Maddy via pulmonary embolism. He was in fact an IT guy and was expected to travel around the world but wound up quitting to be a full time parent to his daughter. He documented most of his experiences via blogging and soon gained so much popularity he decided to write about his experience and publish it. Two Kisses For Maddy was a hit and soon after extensive media coverage was picked up and adapted into this film. Matthew and his daughter are well folks.Dad did marry Lizzie and Maddy is now a big sister. Happy endings do happen in real life folks…

Aww YAY!! What a feel good movie and every now and then you truly need those, even if it takes you on an emotional roller coaster. I’m okay, as long as the ending leaves me feeling good. I hope this was that for you! This concludes another fun adventure with r-E-mix Wednesday I hope you thoroughly enjoyed! Drop me some hearts and comments I’d love to hear your thoughts and commentary on the movie. Don’t forget the recommendations are below!

Love ya….

--Be Free

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