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Compositions & Coffee Presents: "Creative Soul Digest"


What up, What up, What up family welcome to our favorite mode...

BEEAAAAAST MOOOOODE!!! Haha! That’s right Beast Coast Wednesday get ready to rock, bop, shake, and stanky-leg (maybe not stanky leg). Hehe so I wanted to highlight some West Coast and East Coast artist that y’all may not know. These baddies are all mama’s as well holding it down in the game and at home. The jam list is below check them out:

West Coast Mama’s


Lady of Rage

Suga T


Ken the Man

East Coast Mama’s


Jucee Froot


Molly Brazy

If you are familiar with these ladies and have a song I didn’t list let me know. We celebrate with our ladies of hip-hop as they continue to beat down the doors of a male dominated industry. WAP and Savage were just the beginning as we take the power back over our bodies and sexuality by expressing ourselves in music. There’s more to come and these artist are making a splash of their own and sending a powerful message that WE HERE TO STAY AND WILL SPEAK WHAT WE FEEL…NO FILTER (sorry not sorry). LOOOOVE IT!

Alright y’all turn up the volume, throw on the shades, and let loose you got the beats so bump it! Check out the recommendations below hit me with some feedback on today’s post and I’ll see you back here tomorrow to talk fashion. As always….

--Be Free

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