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It’s A Vibe Friday

I’m doing my Friday dance family because it’s here and we made it! It’s funny how we look forward to Friday as our signal for a break. Well, hopefully, today can be a break for many of you as well and you can pause and CHILL. That’s what today is all about…vibin out and chillin. I have just the playlist for you to put you in that space. Below you’ll find some of my favorite artist and can catch the wave I’ve been riding all week….

Chill Vibes

Alina Baraz

Alina made her way onto the center stage with the album Urban Flora featuring the Galimatias. I was heavy into this album in 2015 and it remained on repeat. It puts you in such a peaceful trance while enchanting your mind with it’s amazing lyrics and word play. Besides Urban Flora, It Was Divine has also become another favorite of mine from her. I also have a few favorites from The Color of You and, bonus, all of her albums have remixes with dope beats.


An emerging artist with a smooth voice like Frank Ocean. He has an amazing experimental sound and hails from Australia’s R&B scene. Some of my favorites are Meet Me In Amsterdam, Aphrodite, and Out of the Blue. It’s amazing to hear his voice and sound and discover his background in music. Such a talented soul I am such a fan and will continue to follow his musical journey. Check him out.

Snoh Aalegra

Then, there’s Ms. Aalegra, who captivated the world with her album Ugh, Those Feels. She hit my radar with her 2017 album FEELS and the song Time which Drake sampled in his song Do Not Disturb. Since then she’s had hits like, Whoa and I Want You Around. She just released her next album last Friday Temporary Highs in Violet Skies and I play it at least once every day. It features Tyler the Creator which is such a nice complement to her vocal prowles. Her sound is so unique and she is the new global face of R&B with cross-cultural appeal. She is someone to keep your eyes on.

The Playlist

Yes, you’re welcome! Hehe!

Okay family that’s it for another exciting week here at Creative Soul! Don’t sleep on the recommendations because they are always FIRE! Enjoy you weekend! Until next time…

--Be Free

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