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Mindful Movement Monday

Beautiful people hello hello, welcome to another amazing week at Creative Soul. I hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer. We have been doing everything we possibly can this summer and truly LIVING! It’s been such a joy and I wish that for everyone. With all the fun we are also staying active and constantly getting a good sweat in. I recently started doing Pilates at home and I’ve always wanted to try the Pilates machine at my local gym (didn’t want to make a fool of myself though until I knew what I was getting myself into). Sooo…instead I decided to take it easy practicing at home, maybe take a class, and learn more about it. Therefore, today’s Mindful Movement is all about Pilates folks. Without futher ado….


So for those of you who haven’t done or even heard of Pilates don’t worry you are not alone (also no judgment zone here at Creative Soul). Pilates is a low impact form of exercise that is all about strengthening your muscles while improving you postural alignment and working on flexibility. The purpose is to use your muscles to lift against graviety. I love Pilates because like Yoga it doesn’t require equipment and focuses on movement and breath control. However, unlike Yoga, Pilates does have specific equipment you can use and can be done using weights. A lot of people think of Pilates as a core centered exercise and it’s true since it does really target your core, but, Pilates also works on other areas of the body as well. Since your core isn’t just your abdominal muscles but also includes your trunk, much of Pilates targets your hips, thighs, and back.


Pilates is great for building control and endurance of the entire body. It stabilizes your core which is your foundation, so it improves posture, flexibility, and mobility. It improves hamstring flexibility, upper-body muscular endurance, and like most exercise is great for overall mental health. Similar to Yoga, the breathing exercises are great for centering, focusing, and calming your mind, ultimately alleviating stress.

Types of Pilates

The great thing about Pilates is the variation. You can do it with no equipment and just using a mat (Pilates mats are different from Yoga mats since they are thicker to cushion pressure points). If you are comfortable and feel like equipment is better try the reformer machine, which is a sliding platform with a stationary foot bar, springs, and pulley’s that provide resistance. Some other equipment you may see in a Pilates class are Wunda (chair with padding and springs), the Cadillac (more advanced but resembles a bed), the spine corrector, the high chair, and the Magic Circle (a ring used between legs to create resistance). Beginners, you most likely won’t use many of these in the beginning but may see the Magic Circle and spine corrector. Either way take it slow and take it easy, breathe through it and ask your instructor for help with positioning.

Dope apps featuring Pilates

My first introduction to Pilates was through FitOn and I can’t brag on them enough since they are FREE! There are plenty of other apps to check out as well such as..

· Daily Burn

· FitOn

· Peloton

· Centr

· Open

· Obe Fitness

Also check out your local gym (at your comfort level) if an in person class is something you desire for your first time.

Last but not least…shoutout to Black Girl Pilates!!! Sonja R. Herbert is the instructor and founder and is making moves in a fitness method that was otherwise predominantly white. She has been an instructor for over 10 years and is challenging the status quo by creating a space where black women can feel supported and strong together. Check them out on all social media platforms and of course their link here…LINK!!

Family, I hope you give it a try at some point because it really makes you feel strong and flexible. Just doing it once per week does all that so it’s worth a try for sure (just don’t hurt yourself). Check out the recommendations below and I have more to share so be back tomorrow.

--Live Free

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