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Back 2 LifeStyle Journey

Hello all and thanks for dropping by to talk and look at all things FASHION!!!

This month we’ve looked at all the summer fashion trends that have made their way to the runway and into our closets. Today we will do the same but I wanted to keep it short simple and host a silent viewing. Check out the looks that you can find in store and wear on your vacation before the summer comes to a close…

Summer 2021

Knit Bucket Hats

Where to find them:

Checkerboard Bikinis

Where to find them:

Rectangle Shades

Where to find them:

Matching Top-and-Skirt Sets

Where to find them:

Square-Toe Sandals

Where to find them:

Crochet Tops

Where to find them:

Beaded Accessories

Where to find them:

Poplin Crop Tops

Where to find them:

Fishnet Totes

Where to find them:

See short, simple, sweet! That way you can get straight to shopping and packing for your summer getaway! Always thinking of you family! Hehe! Well don’t be shy post in the comments your amazing outfits and style and let me know what styles you rock with!

I’ve got recommendations below and of course places where you can shop B-L-A-C-K and get these looks. Come Vibe with us tomorrow….

-Live Free

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