Husband & Wife Duo

Their vision created Together

Eclectic + Intellectual = E C L E C T U A L S

We are Eclectic Intellectuals who are connected through a passion and love for creating this haven of Compositions (books featuring “Mahogany In Print”—an eclectic curation of African American and African descent authors in a variety of genres for everyone), Organic Gourmet Coffee (Fresh Roasted On Demand) and Artisan Goods & Services (Artisan Market).  ECLECTUALS, purveyors of Literature, Gourmet Coffee, Fashion, Style and Art. We also design and create eclectic quality Artisan products (T-Shirts and Accessories) and distribute other skilled Artisan products in our Artisan Market.

It is our goal to elevate your mind and quench your soul!

Also facilitate and cultivate a love for reading through our *Book Re-Direct Program* and *Pop-up Children's Library*--Inquire within for more details.

So, grab a few selections and vibe with us!