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Eclectic + Intellectual = E C L E C T U A L S
We are eclectic intellectuals who love to create and curate this haven of books for people like us - the intellectually curious ones looking to elevate in a place where they can find their perfect piece of literature, favorite coffee, a new wardrobe piece and unique handcrafted items by select artisans... all in one stop!

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L'Toya J. Wilson

I'm a curator and consultant of great literature and I produce beautiful literary and continued learning experiences through events and workshops. I'm an avid reader, coffee aficionado and guide to being your better self.  My focus is giving you a bespoke literary experience that will expand your mind, heart, or soul. Here are two books that changed my thinking and worldview:

1.) Sacred Woman; and

2.) Feeling is Secret.


D. James Wilson

I'm a U.S. veteran and artisan who has been married for years to my best friend.  My wife, Toy is an avid reader who inspired me to read more books and dreamed of creating a unique literary experience for everyone to enjoy. I help cultivate her dream by creating various artisan products, and sourcing our organic fresh roasted coffee. A couple books that changed my thinking and worldview are:

1.) Outwitting The Devil; and 

2.) 12 Laws of The Universe.

At the Library

A place for Resources & Inspiration

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  • Blog-aZine, 'Creative Soul Digest'

We believe in cooperative economics in the black community locally and nationally thereby promoting and/highlighting other black artisans and black owned businesses through our blog-azine 'Creative Soul Digest' and our Artisan Market of unique handcrafted items and seasonal mixed goods.

Most importantly, we are dedicated to providing you with a bespoke literary experience that's full of interesting books like the ones found in our, Sundry-in-Print Shelf Life. 

It is our goal to elevate your mind and quench your soul; facilitate and cultivate a love for reading through our *Book Match* Storytime Book Swap* Dream Big Author & Artist Workshop* & *Grow-With-Me Book Nooks!*

Inquire within for more details.


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