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Eclectic + Intellectual = E C L E C T U A L S

We are eclectic intellectuals who love to create and curate this haven of books for people like us - the ones in search of a place where they can find their perfect piece of literature, another hobby, favorite coffee, a new wardrobe piece and decor accents all in one place!

We believe in cooperative economics in the black community locally and nationally thereby promoting and/highlighting other black artisans and black owned businesses through our book subscription Eclectic Crates, blog-azine and our Artisan Market of mixed goods.

Most importantly, we are dedicated to providing you with a bespoke literary experience that's full of interesting books like the ones found in our, Mahogany-in-Print & Cultural Sundry-in-Print Shelf Life, Book Stacks and Book Bundles. 



It is our goal to elevate your mind and quench your soul; facilitate and cultivate a love for reading through our *Book Re-Direct Program* and *Pop-up Digging In The Crates Book Swap & Library!*

Inquire within for more details.

-Feeding the need to read!

Doug Wilson, Co-Visionary

I'm a 10 year U.S. Navy submariner veteran, martial artist expert, artisan, musician and computer technologist who has been married for years to my best friend.  Family is important and I love spending time with them and watching our theater kid grow up in a loving environment where dreams are supported.  My wife is an avid reader who has inspired me to read more books and has always dreamed of creating a unique literary experience for everyone to enjoy. I support her dream by creating various artisan products, and sourcing our organic fresh roasted coffee.

I love animals of all kinds which led me to rescuing two dogs from the county shelter; one is a Shepard mix named, T'Challa and the other is a Bulldog mix named M'Baku (Wakanda Forever!) They have become part of the family and help my wife out by being our Instagram book market models.

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L'Toya Wilson, Co-Visionary

I'm a curator of literature and I produce beautiful literary and continued learning experiences. I'm an avid reader, certified bibliotherapist, coffee aficionado and guide to being your better self. Personal development for expansion is imperative!  I OVERstand the anxiety and overwhelmed feeling when you are being called to expand; this is why I created Eclectic Crates, Mental Diet Plans and Book Bundles.  I really focus on giving you a bespoke literary experience. I love reading anything that will expand your mind, heart, or soul. If you are looking for a novel to read-I have a couple of awesome suggestions!
1) The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho- "The secret of life is to know how to live a simple life." 
2) Born To Run by Christopher McDougall- "We were born with incredible capacity; it's just waiting for us to believe in ourselves." 


My mission in life is to help people find their light and sustainable growth.

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