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Reading in a Bookstore

      According to the American Library Association, you should have 284 books in your personal library from birth until the age of 18.  That's only an average of 1-2 books a month!

Our goal is to give children and students around the world, not just access to books, but access to quality books curated to help develop and broaden reading habits from birth through age 18. To do this, we decided to create a non-profit organization, 'Grow-With-Me Book Nook', designed as a public share structure/unit to be erected in marginalized and under served communities that lack access to books thereby producing a book desert. For that reason,  Grow-With-Me Book Nook is ending book deserts and feeding the need to read by bringing the library to you in the form of a custom small-scale literary oasis! You no longer have to travel blocks away for access to quality books particularly the stories and illustrations of characters that are relatable to your community. Also, our non-profit emphasize and specialize in books for individuals between the ages of 10 to18----who are the least invested in philanthropically.  So join us in our mission to END BOOK DESERTS and FEED THE NEED TO READ!  Head over to for more details. We are grateful for your support!

         #endbookdesertsnow #feedtheneedtoreadnow


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