Vibe Check
  • Vibe Check

    Mahogany-in-Print stack of compositions (African American & African descent authors) on energy protection and preservation, consciousness, love and mental fitness.  Curated by Eclectuals for when you find yourself needing to have several seats.



    1.  Chameleon Aura (Paperback) $20.99

    2.  Heart Talk The Journal (Paperback) $25.19

    3.  A Little Bit of Chakras, Volume 5 (Hardcover) $13.93

    4.  A Little Bit of Auras (Hardcover) $13.93


    ***You can find similar titles in our "Pinstripes & Pearls" and "Wingtips & Cufflinks" sections under the "Mahogany-in-Print" menu.***

    • Book Stack

      When all four titles are bought together as a "Stack" you'll receive 20% off the stack's total. Redeem discount at check out by entering promo code "STACK2020."

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