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Compositions & Coffee Presents: "Creative Soul Digest"


Happy Tuesday Loved One’s…let the sunshine warm your face… let the fresh air brush your skin and let’s welcome the day! As promised yesterday let’s talk coffee because it’s WHAT’S BREWING WITH YOU TUESDAY!! My morning ritual folks always consists of my cup of joy and for me that’s Eclectic Sunrise!

Eclectic Sunrise is my go to coffee of choice because it’s a light roast, which means, it carries a bit of extra caffeine which I need to get rollin. It's smooth and mellow with hints of dark chocolate, caramel and berries. Let me hit you with some facts about my cup of good real quick:

Fun facts: light roast our strongest bean from Central and South American farmers.  This is a secret blend crafted by our roasting manufacturer. Its flavor notes are hints of dark chocolate, caramel, berries and a touch of citrus.


Now the way I brew my Electric Sunrise is via pour over. For my coffee connoisseurs, you know that the light roasts are less porous. This means the extraction is much slower, which will give the grounds more contact with the water pulling out more flavor. Light roast leave behind little intrinsic notes in your mouth that are only best curated when brewed at it’s maximum capacity, which again, I recommend as a pour over. Pour Overs consist of a pour over dripper pictured here:

Your favorite coffee cup and a slow pour kettle for your hot water. I like my filtered water nice and hot for smooth sippen and then I get my perfect ratio (which I recommend 1g of coffee per 16 g of water). And VOILA FAM my cup of sunshine!! In my household my “PAUSE” moment is to stop and enjoy the process of making my perfect up. I have multiple “pause” moments in my day with my stretch, yoga, walk, but one of my favorites is brewing my coffee. The time and care that goes into each step is rewarded by the delightful smell of my cup as it’s nearing completion. As I wait for my sunshine I’m reminded of all the joys of this life (which we need now more than ever) and ponder my weekly intention, which this week is “to bring light into other people’s day!” So that pause is SO IMPORTANT! I’m then able to fully move into my day with my cup in hand and Elcectic Sunrise is so perfect for motivation, focus, and gaining clarity. I love pairing my coffee with music as well so currently I’m listening to Jhene Aiko Speak (we will touch on this gifted Goddess music on It's A Vibe Friday). That pairing fills my spirit!

So your turn friends! Tell me about your coffee of choice and your coffee routine! I’d love to hear your experience with Eclectic Sunrise and what you’d compare it to. See you tomorrow and as always…

--Be Free



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