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What's Brewing With You?

Hey Family! Thanks for stopping by for another edition of What’s Brewing With You? I finally shifted back to my regular cup of Joy now that we’ve fallen into Fall. It hasn’t been cold but something about the fall makes me want a warm cup of coffee. Our weather pattern has shifted this year so I’m sure next week I’ll want something cold with the rising temperatures. How about you? What’s everybody sippin on? Share in the comments and put us on something new, don’t be shy! We are still talking about our littles this month so I wanted to share some information on healthy vitamins and supplements. I sent my little to school pumped full of Vitamin C, Zinc, Elderberry, and a multivitamin full of everything else. Haha!

I have a few cool supplements to share with you. Check these out…

Vitamins & Supplements

Amazing Grass

I’ve been a consumer of Amazing Grass for 12 years, ever since I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowels Syndrome). Since using (and dietary changes) I no longer struggle with IBS. Amazing grass is full of pre and probiotics and has your daily fruit and vegetable needs. I also use their energy and it truly keeps me going all day with it’s blend of matcha and yerba mate. Since it works so well for me I decided to introduce it to my son. Now I’ll be honest, my kiddo is extremely picky and has some texture aversions so we may need to wait until he’s older. However, I tried the chocolate blend for kids and it was amazing! I’ve also shared the berry blast with a friend and she enjoyed it for her kids. If you are looking for a way to get more fruits and vegetables in your kiddo while also helping to promote gut health, it’s definelty one I highly recommend.

Good Day Vitamins

Another one of my friends introduced this one to me when her little one was taking the Calm Blend. It took a week to get a good read on my sons body response to the Calm Blend but ever since he asks for them when he feels his body is having a hard time regulating. The best thing about Good Day Vitamins is that they are made up of dark chocolate. That’s right! Chocolate vitamins, instead of the sugary gelatin candies we are normally offered. If your kiddo is like mine and doesn’t like the gelatin vitamins Good day also offers a sleep blend and multivitamin. Check them out.


This blew my mind when I did the research before starting my kid on the Calm Magnesium and Calcium blend. Fact 1: children 4-8 are supposed to consume 110-130 mg of Magnesium per day. Fact 2: many people and children are not consuming enough magnesium. Fact 3: Low magnesium levels contribute to hyperactivity, anxiety, attention deficit, and tics and twitches. Anyone elses mind blown? Calcium is another one that I hadn’t considered. For my son’s age he should have 700 mg of calcium per day. Needless to say, we weren’t getting that. So, with that we found Natural Vitality’s Calm Blend and discovered a game changer. I tried the adult blend first and found myself more relaxed and able to concentrate better. Knowing that my son did well on the Good Day Chocolates Calm blend (which had L-theanine and chamomile) I was curious to see if it would have the same affects on him. Low and behold a completely different kid emerged. We use it as needed now or I may give it to him 1-2 times per week just to make sure he’s getting what he needs in his diet. Another great one I’d highly recommend.

Elderberry & Zinc

Lastly friends, to help our little one’s fight off the upcoming cold and flu season Zinc and Elderberry. Elderberry itself has been around since the Middle Ages and was referred to as the Holy Tree due to it’s ability to promote health and longevity. Elderberry has more vitamin C than oranges and contains a potent antiviral agent called antivirin which is powerful in combating virus replication. Most elderberry vitamins found in stores also contain Zinc which we know is crucial in boosting their immune system. We use Zarbee’s or Airborne's elderberry and Zinc gummies (the only gummy he will take) and have tried the liquid.

Side note, we also boost our Zinc intake by also consuming lots of beans and nuts.

Tried these before? Share your feedback with me! Have others to recommend? Let me know! I’m always looking for recommendations for my own little guy as well as others to share with families. So, please share your knowledge. Also don’t forget to let me know what you’ve been sippin on this week. I hope I was able to share some useful information for you. I’ve got the recommendations down below and don’t forget to check out the coffee and stock up for the cold season. Also don’t forget to check out the Little Minds Stack under Mahogany-In-Print to get some books for your little one. Sending you love and strength family as you continue through the week. Don’t forget to….

--Live Free

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Book Recommendations

Good Enough to Eat by Lizzy Rockwell

I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child

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