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What' Brewing with You?

Hey Hey Fam! What’s Brewing with You? But for real I’d love to get some engagement from ya’ll, so leave me a comment, with, the warmth from you cup that wakes up your senses and spirit each day. Alright so normally we start off with all things coffee (we will get there) but FIRST I want to plug ya’ll into some deliciousness conjured up by our lovely Chef Ms. Halili Davis. So without further ado…

Palates and Petals was created by Chef Davis with the dream of fusing her two passions, food and flowers. You can get it ALL from Chef Davis because she caters breakfast, lunch, dinner, platters, deserts and flower arrangements giving you the full sensory experience all in one. She also offers floral designs for all occasions, personal chef services, and last but not least cooking classes. Who wouldn’t benefit and love to learn something new via cooking classes? LOOK NO FURTHER (because we got you)! Now a little about this beautiful sista...

Chef Davis grew up learning about meal preparation for friends and family at a very young age. She began her culinary journey officially at 10 years of age when she catered her first party and by 17 she studied floral design and opened a floral shop. During this time she also catered small events and attended Le Cordon Bleu where she graduated with honors. Now, a personal chef, Chef Halili Davis has grown her passion for exquisite foods and eye popping arrangements and placed it in this beautiful company for all to experience. Chef Davis has had formal French training and a vegetarian upbringing which has created THEE perfect balance in order to satisfy “even the most discriminating palate”. LOVE THAT! She has also been interviewed by Black Women Disrupt during their summer series of Resistance, Resiliance, Innovation. Check her out

I will leave the link for you to peep Sister Chef’s amazing menu, which, is mouth-watering and her gorgeous arrangements.

Shameless Plug Ahead

Eclectives will soon be offering exclusive cooking classes, coffee tutorials, and premium access to special offers such as book signings and interviews with your favorite authors. Be on the look out since those will be going live soon!


In other news… have you heard about the BAM service that delivers food from black owned resturants? Black and Mobile “The Culture Delivered” has been featured on Black Enterprise, CBS, Fox News, ABC, and INC. Since we are talking about youth culture Black and Mobile was created by 22 year old, David Cabello, by responding to a need to give black-owned restaurants more exposure. His main goal was to focus and highlight underrepresented businesses in the urban communities and provide them a means to expand their customer base and stay competitive in this current economy. Currently, Black and Mobile has partnered with Black Owned Restaurants in Atlanta, Detroit, and Philadelphia, but are hoping to expand with the increasing need. I’ll leave their information below and it will guide you to their mobile app.

Check them out if you live in the area or are ever visiting, support Black-Owned! I’ll also leave some additional bomb restaurants/ cafes for you to check out below.

Lastly it wouldn’t be What’s Brewing With You Tuesday without a brief discussion of coffee. Since we are all about youth culture this week I thought it would be fun to tell you perhaps what you already know. So here’s the fun "did you knows"…

Millennials Coffee Culture

Did you know, thanks to Starbucks and it’s popularity among millennials, we have a new modern American coffee culture? The biggest consumers according to Washington Post claims 44% for young adults. WHY? Well the opportunity to sit and enjoy your coffee beverage of choice fully customized to your liking, in a comfortable environment, with free WIFI of course.

With advertising and marketing’s help coffee culture became part of pop culture with coffee shops like Dunkin Donuts and Pete’s Coffee jumping on. It’s become the symbol of American lifestyle and part of the necessity.

Coffee for the youth is also easily accessible and widely more acceptable then soda pop and candy. Therefore, the consumers of coffee are getting younger and younger beginning at age 14 where they can buy it themselves, and even younger when a caregiver buys it for them.

However, reports claim that the older people get the less coffee they drink. Here are the numbers:

18-24 year-olds rose to 48% from 34% while it climbed to 60% from 51% among the 25-39 year-olds according to the National Coffee Association in New York. At the same time adults 60+ saw a drop to 64% from 76% and a decline for the 40-59 age group.

Younger millennials born after 1995 started drinking coffee at around 14 while older millennials born closer to 1982 began around 17.

It’s interesting when you stop and think of how the times have changed. We’ve also gone back and forth for over a decade on whether coffee IS or ISN’T good for you but I’ll save that for another discussion. Well friends I gave you Chef Davis, BAM, and now some interesting info on youth and coffee in today’s pop culture. Again, I have links and info below for you to check out and GET YOU ON some amazing food and coffee. Also don’t forget to jump onto one of these AMAZING upcoming ECLECTIVES because they will fill up FAST! Gain some new skills, have fun, and meet some awesome people. I know with everything changing so much this year it’s good to know you don’t have to miss out on the fun things you use to do like cooking classes. So sign up! Until tomorrow my dears…

--Be Free

Your family at Eclectuals

"Where we mind your mental diet!"

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From Southern Ethiopia a medium roast, slightly sweet and fruit-forward with deep rich, complex medium-body flavor

Ground or Whole Bean

Oh She Did That!

Also check out my girl Dorothy Lanes ya'll because she's got CUSTOM MUGS for your personal cup!!! They are DOPE I PROMISE YOU!!! Mugs, thermal cups, wine glasses etc you won't believe your eyes.

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