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Hello Hello Hello ya’ll HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!!

"Do da hump-dee-hump"

Haha! Look I looove music and I discovered the reason for this is our mind, our body, our soul, everything is drawn to the power of it’s sound! So Wedneday as we make it midway through your week we will celebrate with BEAST COAST WEDNESDAYS!!! WHY?! We are gonna TURN IT UP and BEAST MODE through the rest of the week! So I wanna hit you with some dope hip-hop artist to BUMP to to help you power through till Friday. Of course I'm gonna talk heavy on my West Coast artist because those are my people but I acknowledge the talent from all over and it's influence on today. So we will start with a West Coast artist this week: Kendrick Lamar!


Kendrick Lamar is best known today for his work on the Black Panther soundtrack and his award winning album DAMN. Kendrick grew up in Southern California and his music has been strongly influenced by life on the South Side of LA where his family was directly impacted by violence and gang life. What makes his music so unique is that he channels the pain of generations and writes his music about what it's like growing up "black" in America. He's been called the "Bob Dylan" or "Miles Davis" of our time with his true self-awareness and ability to shoulder the burden of a generations mindset. He's admired by many simply because he is able to articulate the struggles of so many black communities and the inner city lifestyle that many grew up in. Kendrick Lamar has been nominated 3 times for a Grammy for best album and is the first non-classic, non-jazz musician to win a Pulitzer Prize for his album DAMN. If that doesn't tell you the power behind this man's music...

Kendrick Lamar’s Alright from his album To Pimp a Butterfly seemed like the perfect way to approach this Wednesday because 2020 RIGHT?! Listen politics, social justice, our black community under siege, global catastrophe’s, pandemic, financial crisis, and, LAWD knows what else, how can we not tense up at the thought and want to crawl under our beds and not come out till it’s all over. I just want to remind you of what brotha Lamar said:

“Wouldn't you know We been hurt, been down before When our pride was low Lookin' at the world like, "Where do we go?” And we hate po-po Wanna kill us dead in the street for sure I'm at the preacher's door My knees gettin' weak and my gun might blow But we gon' be alright”

So with election day around the corner (and please vote ya’ll because no matter how you feel about our choices IT’S YOUR RIGHT AND OTHER’S HAVE FOUGHT FOR US TO HAVE THAT RIGHT EXERCISED) and a lot of uncertainty I just want ya’ll to use this moment to pause check in with yourself (full body scan) and say WE GON BE ALRIGHT! We’ve been down before but we always manage to keep moving! Take care of yourself first and always. If at the end of today you are feeling low again remember to walk and pause and do what’s best for you! In the mean time CHECK IT OUT we left a dope book recommendation (and it fits sooo well) and some coffee for your soul below. Until tomorrow and as always friends…

--Be Free

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Eclectic Blue- a medium-bodied roast with creamy dark chocolate notes that's smooth on the palette providing a clean finish. Perfect for creating getting those creative juices flowing.

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--We are purveyors of literature, gourmet coffee, fashion, style and art." We believe in cooperative economics in the black community locally and nationally thereby promoting and/highlighting other black artisans and black owned businesses through our book subscription Eclectic Crates and our Artisan Market of goods and services.

Check out these albums from Kendrick Lamar: good kid M.A.A.D city, DAMN, Black Panther Soundtrack, To Pimp a Butterfly



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