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Hello my glorious and beautiful people! Welcome back I hope all of you enjoyed your holidays. It’s a new year and 2021 brings with it the promise of hope and new beginnings. In the spirit of fresh starts the next few weeks will be dedicated to THE LADIES!! That’s right my beautiful sisters we are talking all things WOMEN and WOMEN’S HEALTH. You know every year in January, following the holidays, we all think the same thing…RESET and GET IN SHAPE. Whether your desire is to refocus on your health, mental and physical, following the end of year stress or wanting to tighten after you cookie binge, we are here to support YOU. To kick us off this week, I want to talk about some movements for women’s health.


I know some of you are familiar from our first post of Creative Soul Digest but I’d like to revisit for the New Year and for some of our new readers. The fundamental goal of GirlTrek is to pioneer a health movement for African American women and young girls centered on the principles of the civil rights movement and history of our people. Many people know them for their Black History Bootcamp or their Black Girl Justice League. In Black History Bootcamp women, girls, and men were encouraged to get up, get out, and walk for 30 minutes while discussing an important key player in our history. It has the added bonus of educating and enlightening while getting us on our feet and burning some calories. There is also a Prayer Edition which centers on walking and praying UP our communities. The Black Girl Justice League is about rallying the political power of Black women and ya’ll know WE ARE POWERHOUSES. I honestly can’t say enough great things about GirlTrek they have gained so much attention and praise from major news networks, magazines, and First Lady Michelle Obama. I’ll be honest though I fell off once the weather turned cold BUT I will be back on it this month since I found an indoor track. My motivator is also learning something new and listening in to the Bootcamp as well as the prayer addition (we all know our communities need prayer especially to start 2021 off right).

Black Women’s Health Imperative

The Black Women’s Health Imperative is another group of women seeking to improve policies and overall health and wellbeing for Black women. BWHI has programs aimed at educating and advocating for the health of black women of all ages. They have a current research initiative goal to have precision medicine available for our people (the right health approach and care for the right person). In order to get there, they believe creating a large health database to understand our people’s health based on lifestyle and environment is essential. Besides the research, education and advocacy they are also involved in building up black women’s participation in politics. Their policy priorities include :

1. Access to quality, affordable, and innovative approaches to provide comprehensive health care for Black women and girls.

2. Equitable and adequate response for public health emergencies

3. Sufficient diversity in clinical research

4. Sustained financial support for HBCUs

Their advocacy team also serves as the voice for black women holding elected officials accountable for addressing issues such as breast and cervical cancers, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, maternal health and reproductive health.

They have it all folks!!! Please check them out and get in where your passion lies because this is another huge movement to support in any way you can. ALL OF THIS IS IMPERATIVE!

Honestly folks there’s a number of great non-profit organizations out there trying to advance health care for Black women and girls. It starts with education and pushing for policies that change how health care is handled in America. Check out what’s happening at your local level first to make a splash there and hopefully begin educating and influencing policies at your state level. Of course make sure to support Girltreak and BWHI as well as look to them for support on how to start something in your city.

Alright fam that’s Monday for you let’s keep it movin come back tomorrow to check out what I have for you on What’s Brewing with You Tuesday. We will continue the our discussion on women’s health by looking at health foods and busting some coffee myths. Check out the recommendations below and I’ll see you back here tomorrow..

--Be Free

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Book Recommendations

Please: Radical Self-care for Wild Women

Dear Strong Black Woman

The Commandments of Womanhood & The Commandments of Womanhood Journal

Support Black Business

Cour Med (medication delivery service)

Ascot Manor


Coffee Recommendations

Eclectic Sunset

A sumatra and Indonesian coffee from the Ketiara collective (women farmers). It's a dark, earthy, deep, full bodied, and complex coffee. It's flavors are creamy, sweet, spice, and butterscotch.

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