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Compositions & Coffee Presents: "Creative Soul Digest"

Beast Coast Wednesday

Alright family here we are halfway through the week and you know what time it is… TIME TO BEAST THROUGH with Beast Coast Wednesday. So I wanted to set ya’ll up with a playlist to jam to. Not a lot of discussion this week just PURE MUSIC (I’ll save the discussion for another time). I want the playlist to uplift you, inspire you, empower you, but most importantly MAKE YA SHAKE YA MONEYMAKER (because I do). So here is the full comprehensive FEMALE EMPOWERMENT JAM LIST:

As promised a full playlist and I can imagine it will take you the whole day to get through. Give me some feedback let me know what you think of this list because we will be going deep into the meaning behind some of these songs in a future post. Alright ya’ll check out the recommendations below and be back here for Back2Life Thursday. Now BEAST and…

--Be Free

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