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Back2Life Style Journey Thursday

Hello Everyone and thanks for joining me for Back2Life Style Journey.

Now how many of you for the past year have actually made a consistent effort to get dressed (and I mean full on pants, shirt, make-up, hair)? I’ll be honest, special occasions and going into the office once a week are the only days for me and..... WE DON"T NEED TO. My self-care/ self-love regimen came in the form of comfy clothes. Thusly, for this weeks back style journey we are going to talk comfy fashion with one of my faves; leggings.

The Evolution of Leggings

It’s funny to think of leggings being present back in Renaissance times but they were (at least a version was). The style of men in 14th century Scotland consisted of either leather or chainmail (type of armor made of metal rings that formed a mesh). This would be worn for both casual and as part of their military uniform. Of course, that was uncomfortable so they eventually evolved into tights that men wore under their cotehardies. Until the 19th century leggings were worn predominately by men.

The 1950s we saw the beginning of the modern day evolution of leggings through well known fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. In the 1954 film Sabrina Hepburn wore slimmed waist-defining cropped black pants and, not long after, capri pants worn by women gained in popularity. Of course, they weren’t the stretchy comfy pants we know today but they were a departure from the wide-leg style that was popular in the 40s.

The 1960s brought us spandex and the slim, stretchy pants (Lycra leggings) were born. Designers like Mary Quant and Emilio Pucci instantly began pairing them with the mod shift dress popular of that decade.

Enter the 1970s where it became a full on fashion trend thanks to celebrities like Oliva Newton-John (Grease) and Debbie Harry. Charlie’s Angels stars also contributed to the popularity

of leggings by wearing the shiny, high waisted, colorful, disco pants.

This same legging craze followed into the 80s with Madonna making it apart of her regular wardrobe ensemble. The 1980s was also the age of aerobics and leggings flew off the shelf. Of course, the bold bright colors were a must and all part of the trend during the 80s.

During the 1990s the legging trend started to fall off and give way to baggie pants. Another popular show Saved by the Bell had jersey-knit versions of leggings from time to time on the show but ultimately the grunge style of the 90s took over.

Then the 2000s was its largest comeback yet where the capri version of leggings could be seen under dresses and skirts. However, toward the end of the decade the capri style turned to full length liquid leggings as they began to replace pants altogether.

Today leggings have all but taken the place of pants. Many different versions exsist from athletic wear, to streetwear-inspired styles, leather leggings, and high waisted leggings have been seen on notable celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Celebrities have been spotted rocking athletic wear leggings outside of the gym making it an acceptable new trend. We don’t’ see this trend disappearing anytime soon as long as the world continues to desire and embrace comfort, especially in current times.

Those of you that are still jean lovers don’t get me wrong I’m not dissing jeans they serve their purpose and are stylish. In fact let’s look at the differences and similarities between jeans and leggings preferences.

Leggings are a big part of the athleisure fashion world and are loved by many because of their simplicity and comfort. Leggings can be worn for sports, going to the gym, exercise, running errands, and just casual events.

Jeans, however, have been around for decades being the number one versatile classic. They can go with just about anything and have a thicker and sturdier fabric for coverage and warmth.

Preferred choice

Recent statistics reported by the US Census Bureau stated that the number of imports of women’s leggings has exceeded that of blue denim pants which has declined by 3.9% on average. Why for the simple fact that leggings offer such a variety in style and comfort, like:

· Ankle-length leggings

· Stirrup leggings

· Footed leggings

· Leather leggings

· Knee-length leggings

However, the popularity in jeans has been based on the style trend such as:

· Skinny jeans

· Flared jeans

· Boyfriend jeans

· Jeggings

· Straight leg jeans

· Low rise jeans

· Boot cut

Jeans are really good for everyday look as well as pairing with blouses, blazers, button down tops, or other tops that would, otherwise if worn with leggings, be revealing.

Typically with leggings you want to pair them with longer tops, tunics, and dresses to cover up compared to jeans that are meant to stand alone. Leggings also hug the body with a nice fit that emphasis the curvaceous nature of a woman which makes them favorable.

Alright ya’ll at the end of the day it’s all about doing what works best for your body. I know my leggings make me feel comfortable, confident, sexy, and relaxed. I don’t have to feel self conscious when I can't button them and zip them up…I don’t have to stress over which pair will fit or when I have to go up a size. No worries about them ripping or the uncomfortable snag of the zipper. FREEDOM! When you read the line above again doesn’t it sound like it targets emotional wellbeing, mental wellbeing, and physical wellbeing? I’m just saying...

Well friends that’s Back2Life Style Journey Thursday folks. Check out the recommendations below and I’ll include some stores you can pick up your leggings to get you on that comfy train. See you back here tomorrow for It’s A Vibe Friday.

--Be Free

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