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It's A Vibe Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Another week down in the history books (unfortunately lately not the best history to report). As with our normal tradition now, It’s A Vibe Friday is dedicated to the music that lifts our spirits and sets the tone for our weekend. For this week I want to highlight musicians that are spreading positive, strong messages about the female body. Since our discussion this month is centered on the importanece of women’s health we should also be aware of how negative images and ideology shape our view of ourselves and how we love ourselves. The war we’ve been fighting to end body shaming and the plague of the industries “ideal body type” has gone on for far too long. So as we stand up and take this beast head on, for not just ourselves, but for our children and future generations I want to give ya’ll anthems and people to follow who are part of fighting the stereotype:

The Artists

Alessia Cara

I’m sure many of you don’t know this young artist but she has been promoting body positive messages since 2015 with her song “Scars to Your Beautiful”. This song was all about the way society negatively affects people’s sense of self-esteem.


As a rapper Cupcakke is known for her raunchy lyrics but she’s also a body positive artist that encourages self-reflection. In her song “Biggie Smalls” she urges everyone to look past the airbrushing and be kind to their bodies.


Wow I can’t say enough about this one here. Just know she’s a real one. She is the reigning queen of this topic. She has been open and candid about the challenge of loving one’s body and what it looks like when you get to the place of truly loving oneself to the fullest. She encourages everyone to get to this place and go through the journey of fulling accepting and loving yourself. What I love about Lizzo is the fact that she tells her story the good, bad, ugly and in her vulnerability inspires others. She’s a true powerhouse with her vocals, funny, and honest and you can’t help but love her.

Meghan Trainor

Meghan has been an unapologetic body positive supporter since 2014 with her song “All About That Bass”. In her songs “Me Too” and “Woman Up” she urges listeners to look into the mirror and take joy and pride in what they see.


This artist is a rising singer-songwriter that made a splash last year with her single “Hot Water” which was all about understanding her sexuality for the first time. Her latest “This Body” is about reclaiming her body for her own and encouraging others to do the same.

Miss Eaves

I love me some Miss Eaves simply with her song “Thunder Thighs” which was an anthem to all thick sistas. She owns it, she loves it, and she makes you want to slap them thighs and love them back haha!

Princess Nokia

This baddy is known for what she calls urban feminism and has a podcast dedicated to it titled Smart Girl Club. Her songs like “Brujas” and “Flava” exalt a powerful woman prowess as well as emphasizing our worth.

India Arie

LISTEN!!! If there’s anyone who is all about loving our beautiful rich sexy BROWN SKIN it’s my sista India. She has fulfilled her desire in making music all about self-care and emotional wellbeing with her songs “Video”, “Brown Skin”, and “I Am Not My Hair.” However, even her recent album with songs like “Worthy” she is still the reigning Queen of music about body positivity and self love. With India teaching us to love ourselves in and out she is truly the ultimate and sets the stage for the highest state we can achieve as women.


It wouldn’t be a body positive party without Beyonce. Man sooooo many songs but one’s that always come to mind are “Pretty Hurts”, “Flawless”, and “Check On it”. Beyonce has been an inspiration for decades by simply taking us along on her journey where she learned how to love herself in the public eye. This has inspired so many, generation after generation.

Missy Elliot

Last, but not least, the infamous Missy Elliot with her ferocious body positive self-love lyrics from the beginning. With songs like “Work It” and “I’m Really Hot.” Not to mention her song with Lizzo “Tempo” which is my jam. Why Missy is such a powerhouse is simple she messed up and challenged the typical portrayal of bodies, gender norms, and sexuality norms in her songs and videos. Especially, in the late 90s and early 2000s, she was refreshing and necessary. She has led the way for all the artist listed above to carry the mantle.


I’m sure there are others missing from this list so please let me know and share some that have been your inspiration that we can vibe along to as well. I’ll leave the comprehensive list of songs below so you can create your own dope playlist for today and into the weekend.

Take away from this week is that no matter what your health plan is for this month remember that IT’S YOURS and to do what works for your body. Anybody can make suggestions and tell you how but only YOU will know how your body truly responds. Support movements fighting for better health for our fellow sisters, check out some superfoods, get comfy, and remember YOU ARE A QUEEN and what you look like underneath just enhances your natural beauty.

You are beautiful my queens and you ARE WORTHY!! So much love I’m sending your way.

Check out the recommendations below and enjoy your weekend.

Join us next week for more fun facts, tips, and music. Love ya’ll remember to always…

-- Be free

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