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Beast Coast Wednesday

Hey Fam welcome back to another exciting addition of BEAST COAST Wednesday! Our last one for our focus on Women’s Health for January and I wanted to give y’all some great music to workout with as well as some tips on how to build that perfect playlist. I use to just watch the TV screens when I'd workout, then, as I got heavy into my workout regimen I eventually made some dope playlists. Now I’m just lazy so I let Itunes and Spotify tell me what to listen to. Ha! But honestly they don’t get it right and I wind up having to stop and skip songs or find a new list. Does that happen to anyone else? Well if so then check this out for tips on building your own jam list…

How to Build the Perfect Workout Jam List

Did you know workout playlists are more than just shuffled songs and saved favorites? Ya I didn’t so it was nice to get some true guidance from experts on this. The perfect playlist should move with you throughout your workout, meaning the pace should build with you as your workout intensifies. For example, your warm-up, climax through your high intensity burst then ease you into your cooldown. Here are the basic steps to do so:

1. Set your intention

a. The first song on your playlists is where you set your intention for your workout (blow off

steam, go hard, or easy going cardio, etc).

2. Get Oxygen Flowing

a. Once you get moving your second song is where you take deep breaths as your muscles

warm up. The next few tracks vary depending on the type of workout you are doing for the


3. Activate your muscles

a. This is where you ease into the movements of you workout just remember to keep it fun.

4. The Power up

a. This is where you raise the tempo and bring in the base because this is where you put in

some real effort. Usually here you will want a fast track something over 200 bpm.

5. Keep Going

a. The final stages of any workout can be the toughest so here you should pick jams that

are going to get you through it. Think of songs with a fly beat, motivating lyrics, and songs

that vary in tempo so you can finish strong.

6. Finish Strong

a. These songs should match the biggest effort you are giving to complete your workout.

7. Cool Down

a. Cool down songs shouldn’t completely drop in intensity since you want something that

will help you lower your heart rate gradually for 5-10 minutes. You will also want something

to stretch to and celebrate your victory of making it through this workout.

Here’s some more tips and tricks as you go through your lists and select the best songs:

· Choose upbeat, energizing tracks that will keep you moving

· Look for inspiring and motivational lyrics

· Pick music that suits the style of workout you are doing for the day for example music for yoga

may not work for your HIIT workouts

· Think about the beat, working out in rhythm with the beat can help get you into the zone

· Sort your songs by beat or bpm (beats per minute) to set the tempo or speed of your workout

Makes sense right? I think we can create some seriously amazing and motivating playlists with these tips. Now I want to give you a list of songs so you can mix match and create. Here’s some of the best jams for your workout:

Well that should get you started folks it’s a ton of amazing songs from different genres. I love this list because it also doubles as my dance playlist. It makes sense right since it’s supposed to be fun! Let me know what you think of this list and what you ultimately chose for your workout bangers! You have amazing recommendations below so make sure to check those out and I’ll see you tomorrow for Style Journey Thursday.

--Be Free

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