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Compositions & Coffee Presents: "Creative Soul Digest"

It’s A Vibe Friday

Hey everyone, good to see you back as we round out our last week of Women’s Health Month by Vibin out to some sexy music. We’ve been working on building our Love Day list and I’ve got some more AMAZING jams to add. Whether you are doing a quiet night with some Netflix and chill vibes, or going all out with a significant and ending the night with some sexy time I GOT YOU! So turn up your speakers and get ready to VIBE OUT and don’t forget to add these to your list for V-day…

The Sexy List

a. Another opportunity for John to remind his love and really all women how special they


b. Fabolous has got a number of sweet love songs about his ride or die and they are all

sweet devotions.

c. A sweet song about feeling and a love you can’t fight nor deny. Would you stop the

world for you love?

d. I love Lady Antebellum whether it’s a break up song, a love song, or a song about

wanting someone you can’t have the passion behind it is there.

e. For my boo’d up and single ladies this song is for you. I know this is something we all

want to hear at some point.

f. Not much needs to be said about this song since I know everyone knows it. That never

forgotten love is one we know too well.

g. I love this song from Ms. Monae about telling the one you’ve caught feelings for how

you feel and wanting them to know and see it.

h. Alright, folks this is the down and dirty sexy song to play at the end of your date

night….or all throughout your V-day if you want ehemm

i. Yet another song about that sexy song with YOUR person. I love the way this song

appreciates every inch of the woman. Mmm

j. I love this dedication song from Drake. A beautiful song about what mature relationships

look like.

k. Since we are on Drake you know it would be nothing without this sweet number.

l. Who could forget this unforgettable number John dedicated to his wife Chrissy Tegan?

Still waiting for a dedication like this…

m. I love the line “I’m falling for your eye’s, but they don’t know me yet and with a feeling

I’ll forget, I’m in love now”. Ugh so magical.

n. If you aren’t a fan of Khalid yet you need to be especially with this sweet ballad about a

friendship transpiging into love.

o. I didn’t know a ton about their love story but listening to this song you could feel it.

p. This one as well especially watching the video you can see their chemisty and it will

have you singing this number to yours.

q. Such a beautiful expression of one’s love a devotion to their partner.

r. Being swept off your feet is the theme behind this song so make sure you play this number

when your partner has you without words.

s. Capturing moments and remembering the love shared is what V-day is all about.

t. “People fall in love in mysterious ways” such a great line because it happens intensely

without explanation at just the right time.

u. Gifted with such an immaculate voice Carrie, talks about the deep intimate

understanding of her partner and sharing their world.

v. I love this song about fighting for love and not wiling to give up because it’s worth

fighting for.

w. Such a sexy song complimenting the exisite physique of his partners body and how it

makes them ehemm feel.

x. Everyone knows this song whether in a movie, the radio, or just by sound. A great song

about longing for your love and wanting to do everything you can to be together. Perfect

song if you were reunited with your love or apart for the holiday.

y. I was singing this song as I added it to this list. I love the beat and the way Justin

describes his vision of the relationship.

z. The final number on this list of course had to be Rihanna. I need L-O-V-E-E-E and

affection. Don’t we all?

So I know y’all have many more to add to this list and I’d love to hear it. I’m also making my playlist so share with me what you have on yours since I've showed you mine. I enjoyed this Women’s Health Month with all of you and I hope you were able to gain some great tips, insight, and motivation. Next month I have so much to share with you and I can’t wait till we meet again. Yes, love day but most importantly Black History Month so we have much to discuss. I hope I get to see you back here but until then be safe, live, love, and…

--Be Free

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