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Compositions & Coffee Presents: "Creative Soul Digest"


It’s A Vibe Friday is here ya’ll!!!! OH HAPPY DAY TGIF!!!Celebrating all things music with some Neo-Soul, blues, electronic, and jazz let’s just breathe in the music. So let's talk Electronic/ Dance and some new wave Neo-Soul/ PBR&B with B-Tribe and Jhene Aiko.


B-Tribe aka The Barcelona Tribe of Soulsters can be described as having an electronic/dance sound with some flamenco music, Spanish guitar, and trip-hop tunes. They’ve been making music for your hips and soul since 1993. German born artist, their music is a collective project that uses guitar, vocals, Cello and other elements such as soundbytes, prereocrded mixes, and incoporates other genres. Monday I let you in on two of my faves Libera Me and Love but some of their biggest success was Fiesta Fatal and Suave Suave.CHECK EM OUT they are unique and will have you dancing but also put your mind at ease.


Now I'm gonna have you feeling yourself with some Jhene Aiko and if you don’t know about her yet please get in the know! Jhene's sound is beautiful and has a gentle pop-tinged with a sensual sweetness to it. Her music is part of the new wave of R &B known as PBR&B an alternative to contemporary R&B. Her music is described as the future of R&B where she writes music and poetry everyday and adds melodies behind it. Her musical career began back in 2002 where she was paired with B2K’s debut and was featured on numerous soundtracks. However, her best work came with Souled Out and Sail Out which besides her latest album Chilombo are some of the greatest Neo-Soul R &B music to date (just my opnion). Why? Her poetic flow, her word play technique, her honesty and her overall vibe is something everyone can relate to at one time or another. Her music can be something you cry and get over heartache to, heal, chill with, or party to. I gave you Speak this week which has been my heal music with everything going on this year. I feel as though Speak was intentionally gifted to us this year to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH, LOVE, AND BE FREE! Let me hit you with the lyrics:

“Look how the sun Rises without our asking Shining with so much passion Light just for us to bask in Love shouldn't be for our keeping I'll celebrate my freedom I'm gon' speak up

Speak from my heart, baby Speak from my soul, sugar Say what you want, lady Act like you know who you are Speak from your gut, honey Say what you want, my love Be who you wanna be Speak, speak, speak,…”

Side note did you hear Sade mixed with India Arie in there or was it just me? But that song…speak your truth, love unconditionally, let nothing hold you back, and be unapologetically YOU! To say the least her latest album stays on repeat some days! Check out Chilombo her latest album next time you browse Itunes. If this year has shown us anything it's that we need to make the time for ourselves. So catch the VIBE do what's good for your soul and enjoy your weekend friends. As the song says...

--Be Free

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