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Compositions & Coffee Presents: "Creative Soul Digest"

Mindful Movement Monday

Hey folks welcome to another beautiful week dedicated to celebrating why our black is beautiful! Creative Soul Digest is using this platform to discuss important issues in our lives and address the HOW when it comes to moving on up and pressing forward. Last week we talked liberation, abolition, and ways to uplift and inspire our youth so that they can continue to push us forward. This week will also be about ways we can better ourselves, our communities, and the next generation so they can continue the work after us. We have a long road ahead of us folks but we build up our youth to be the future…a better future this time around. As we all know it starts with us and I have some great stuff to share with you so we can get right and teach them the tips and tricks as well. Here we go…

Financial Literacy

Ugh…how many of you get excited when talking finances and money? Okay now how many of you are like me and instantly freak out, panic, and run away? Haha just kidding but I honestly don’t like discussing money at all because it feels like another way society tries to keep us down. However, we can rise above it by playing it smart. Financial literacy is about understanding and managing money effectively. Studies have shown those with high financial literacy are those with higher education, income, and are often men and older individuals with life experience (GWtoday). We level the playing field by educating ourselves and finding a coach to walk use through it. Understanding how to manage our money and invest for the future is something we often don’t do. Saving money and thinking about retirement is the key to turning things around. Studies have shown that most families don’t even have an emergency fund let alone $400 dollars to help them in a situation. Learning how to save, invest, and manage are skills that we must learn to pass on to the next generation or we will continue the cycle. To quote Rich Dad Poor Dad, “Poor is an attitude and poverty is passed on and taught in the families.”

Financial advisors are our coaches and where we can start. Here are some amazing podcast you can tune into as well as a list of black financial advisors:


List of Financial Guru’s and Coaches

Next up our communities! I want to introduce you to some non-profits that are led by our own people and some great organizations out there empowering our communities. Check these out:

Non-Profits for the Community

Community Organizations

And I can go on and on there’s so many amazing organizations out there doing such good work and fighting the good fight. Please share with me organization you support or others you may know I would love to spotlight them.

Alright to close out this Black History Month's Mindful Movement Monday our focus is back on the next generation. Using all our resources we need to invest in our kids and giving them the road map for a better future. They will carry the torch next and we always hope they do a better job than us. Here’s some organizations that are focused on our young people…

Youth Organizations

Goodkids Madcity

Well family that ends our Mindful Movement Monday segment for Black History Month. I hope I was able to motivate all of you to get involved and join a movement. We are needed in the fight and we need to unite and stand together. It was not a summer 2020 thing it’s an all the time every second thing because we are all the time every second A BLACK PEOPLE! Let us not forget that ever! I have business recommendations, books, and coffee down below I hope you will check out. Don’t be shy I’d love to also hear from y’all. Until tomorrow though…

--Be Free

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Support Black Business

Book Recommendations

Coffee Recommendations

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