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Back 2 Life Style Journey Thursday

Hey all thanks for joining for another great read. Great question right especially since finishing out Black History Month we are going to continue to discuss fashion inspired by US!! We will continue building from last weeks list but there’s so much more that has inspired fashion that has origins in our culture. We are giving credit where it’s due....

Oversized Trend

The oversized culture we are all familiar with in the 80’s hip-hop era. The truth about this trend was that clothes were often handed down from family members in hopes of saving money. Thus clothes from an older sibling to a younger sibling were often big and “oversized.” Artists sported the baggy street clothes in order to resonate with their fans. The oversized look reached out to Hollywood and became part of mainstream fashion. This look is popular in denim jackets and the distressed boyfriend jeans.

Bucket Hats

I always associated the bucket hat with Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliot but it’s trend became popular in the 80’s. It’s original design was intended to protect the necks of fisherman from the rain in the 40s and was then adopted by troops. This iconic wear transitioned from functional to a fashionable accessory during the 1980s when Big Bank Hank of Sugar Hill Gang and LL Cool J started sporting them. Big Bank Hank had his Kangol as part of his style statement and it ultimately became a prominent look that was associated with the beat-box culture. Since it can be found making random appearances by celebrities such as Rihanna’s double snakeskin Atelier Versace ensemble. Even Hailey Baldwin Bieber has been spotted rocking it regularly.

Scripted Necklaces

The hoops, the nameplate, and then the scripted necklace. All thought to be bold huge fashion accessories but the necklace doubled as a right of passage and a way to help people with their name. The necklace was big in the 80s for black culture and the Latinx culture as a display of pride. It also was a symbol to others that they were responsible enough to own their own customized gold piece.

Glasses as a trend

The 80s was just the decade of fashion BOOMs because next up were glasses as fashion not just functional accessories. Iconic Cazal glasses became a statement piece with Run DMC’s Darryl McDaniels began wearing them. Ever since glasses have been randomly brought out to go with a fit rather than as a need.


Denim took on a new look in the late 80s early 90s. Customized denim rose in popularity with acid-wash denim having strong ties to black culture. People used bleach, spray paint, and distressing to express their creativity and unique style. Gucci’s latest line has unveiled more denim pieces with color and embroidery.

You can look anywhere and see where we have influenced other cultures and trends. We haven’t been given credit for all of the dope, amazing, fly things we’ve done that have now gone mainstream but we know and one day our time will come. Until then you can bet Creative Soul Digest will let you know!! That’s everything for Back 2 Life Style Journey this week but we are always back with more so don’t miss a beat. Check out the recommendations below and…

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