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Back 2 Life Style Journey Thursday

Hello Hello thank you for joining us for Back2Life Style Journey Thursday!!!

We love talking fashion and uncovering all the new trends coming out each season. This week I want to praise the female pioneers and icons in fashion.

10 Black Fierce Fashionistas

Dorothy Dandrige

Her classic style was always well-tailored, classy, and timeless.

Diana Ross

Starting from her days with the Supremes on she has been a fashion maven.

Eartha Kitt

Once known as The Most Interesting Woman in the World her signature animal print always made a statement. She had a petite frame and was always clad in glamourous gowns and ultra-feminine silhouettes.

Josephine Baker

Known for her lavish stage costumes Ms. Baker once changed costumes 50 times during a musical in 1930. She loved playing dress-up and would sport feathers, silks, sequins, and headpieces.


One of the first black supermodels, Iman had strutted down high profile runways and posed for world reknowned photographers.

Grace Jones

Grace Jones has some of the most striking features and uninhibited persona. Her carefree personality was infectious.

Donyale Luna

A supermodel that Time Magazine recognized would change the fashion world and declared 1966 The Luna Year. She was the first black model to appear on the British Vogue. She was also the muse to legendary photographers like Richard Avedon and David Bailey.

Pat Cleveland

Pat started out designing her own looks then went on to become known for her stunning looks and theatrical runway stye.

Pam Grier

Pam was a class of her own with her luxurious afro, high waisted pants, crop tops, and platform shoes.

Cicely Tyson

Some of you may not know this about Ms. Tyson but she started her career as a fashion model and she went on to become the face of the Black is Beautiful movement in the 1960s. She then went on to take the film industry by storm from there but her apperance on award shows and even strolling in the street were always carefully thought out down to the very last detail.

Diahann Carroll

An artist in the 60s-70s, she was known for chronicling the life of a Black professional woman. Her style, as the leading lady, ranged from leather jackets, tweed shorts, to glitzy gemstone-embellished gowns.

Donna Summers

The Queen of Disco captivated the world when she came on the scene with her powerful voice, flashy wardrobe, and colorful make-up.

All these fashion legends were Black Queens and continue to inspire the fashion world. Well folks that’s it for this Back2Life Style Journey Thursday! Check out the recommendations below and be ready to catch a vibe tomorrow….

--Be Free

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