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Beast Coast Wednesday


Hey All in my mind I had a megaphone and was holding each note dramatically to welcome y’all to Beast Coast Wednesday! I look forward to this day because each time we walk away with a dope playlist that has us dancing and head bobbin. LOVEEEEEE IT! This week is no different and since we talked about the Lady pioneers of hip-hop this week we will focus on the current dominating forces in the industry. I know as you were reading that sentence they came to mind so let’s get it. I’ll share some bangers to add to your playlist after.

Leading Lady Bosses

Nicki Minaj

Nicki has been a game changer since day one and is the most influential rap artist of all time. She is the most awarded female rapper, the highest ranking female rapper in the 2010s, and is the first female rapper to have a net worth more than $100 million. Besides her beautiful colorful persona, sexy alter ego, and amazing clever lyrics she is business savvy and a philanthropist. Also did y’all know she was Trinidadian? Facts! Now even though she’s “retired”, she will forever be one of the reigning Queens of Rap and a rap pop icon!

Remy Ma

Only one of the dopest female rappers ever! She’s mostly known for her affiliation with the Terror Squad with Fat Joe, Love & Hip-Hop: New York, and her feud with Nicki Minaj. However, Remy Ma is a true MC and had hits with Conceited, All the Way Up, and Lean Back. Before her incacaration she was working on her second album which would have been a collaboration with fellow rappers Shawna and Jacki-O. Since her release All the Way Up in 2016 won her 2 Soul Train Awards, 3 BET Awards, and 3 Grammy Nominations reminding everyone she’s BAAAACK!

Cardi B

Cardi B is another artist that starred in Love & Hip Hop: New York and rose to the throne of Queen MC. She is “Hip Hop’s Reigning Queen” , known as “Binderella”and “Hip Hop Selena”. She won a Grammy for Best Rap Album which was the first time a female rapper has won in this category as a solo artist. Since she has won numerous awards including 5 American Music Awards and 8 Billboard Music Awards. She continues to break and shatter records as her career is just getting started. Beyond the music she was a judge in the Netflix Realty talent search series Rhythm + Flow. She also had a brief role in the movie Hustlers alongside Jennifer Lopez. She is a fashion icon and has a clothing line with Fashion Nova and many partnerships with makeup company’s and brands like Reebok. She also uses her platform to speak about political issues and causes she believes in calling herself “unabashedly, directly political.” She definetly is “the new Drake effect” for women in hip hop by uniting women, challenging previous beliefs about music, and crossing into all genres.

Megan Thee Stallion

Another rising star 'Hot Girl Meg' began her journey to superstardom back in 2016 but was shot to fame after her collaboration with Beyonce and Cardi B. She ultimately won 3 Grammy’s in 2021 for Savage (Remix) feat Beyonce; Best Rap Performance, Best New Artist, and Best Rap Song. Besides music she had a small feature on my show Good Girls. She is someone to continue to watch as her career is climbing.

Keep following these ladies I feel like this is just the beginning and we are going to see some amazing collaborations come from them. Alright here’s the playlist y’all:

This Weeks Playlist

I know…I know…this BEAST list is a BANGER….you’re welcome. Haha

Alright folks that’s the end of Beast Coast Wednesday for Women’s History Month but we continue to celebrate and make history everyday! Walk in your strength and power ladies WE RUN THE WORLD!! Check out the recommendations below and I’ll share more tomorrow…

--Be Free

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