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Back 2 Life Style Journey

Hey everybody welcome to our Back 2 Life Style Journey where we will be looking back at the iconic fashion statements of First Ladies and now….our first Lady Vice President. We will talk their designers and what made their looks so remarkable.

Jackie Kennedy

Many were unaware but Lady Jackie O. designed most of her clothes. She will forever go down as the most fashionable first lady in history.

Claudia Johnson “Lady Bird”

First Lady Johnson wasn’t into glitz and glamour and instead sported a more casual look.

Patricia Nixon

A trailblazer in fashion herself well before she was the First Lady. Here she’s picture at their inauguration in 1969 sporting a fur har and pink coat trimmed with fur.

Nancy Reagan

This First Lady knew how to accessorize. As a former film actress she knew how to dress. Speaking of standing out Mrs. Reagan reportedly wore crimson red so much that it eventually became known as Reagan Red in the press.

Barbara Bush

This First Lady went out of her way to sport red, white, and blue even off duty as pictured here.

Hilary Clinton

The Clinton’s are well known for a number of things but First Lady Hilary is the inventer of pantsuits. Since then they have been worn by just about every female politician.

Laura Bush

First Lady Laura was all about conservative fashion but occasionally wore bright colorful evening gowns.

Michelle Obama

Our forever First Lady was bold and dared to go where others were too afraid to go once in that position. She showcased some the best homegrown talent and raised emerging brands talent. She sported a dazzling ruby red chiffon halter neck gown to the Obama’s second inaugural ball and blue us all away for Biden inauguration. The designer was a young black man named Sergio Hudson and her plum overcoat, turtleneck, wide leg pants and oversized belt made the bold statement and all eyes followed. It was talked about for weeks following as one of the most iconic fashionable looks by a First Lady ever.

Kamala Harris

This years inauguration brought color quite literally. All the ladies Vice President Harris, First Lady Jill Biden, and Forever First Lady Michelle Obama all wore bold colors breathing life and hope back into our nation. Vice President Harris sported her signature pearls representing the struggle of women in the professional world. She is known for her more business casual look with the blazer, pinstripes, pearls, and converse. We love her down to earth look.

The fashion of our First Ladies will continue to evolve and change and we are with this shift! I can’t wait to see what our first Lady President will wear. Alright friends that’s it for this months Back 2 Life Style Journey. Check out the recommendations below and join me Friday for another amazing playlist.

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