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Compositions & Coffee Presents: "Creative Soul Digest"

What' Brewing with You?

Woohoo it’s Tuesday friends let’s talk COFFEE!! If you instantly got a burst of energy just by reading the word MY JOB IS DONE. No, I’m playing but seriously coffee is where the juices began to flow with me. My cup helps bring me into alignment (along with my morning meditation and yoga) and while waiting for my cup to finish brewing I give thanks for every aspect of my day. However, coffee is not only about morning rituals and giving us the mental stimulation we need to be on the go. NO, its history actually is about gathering, connecting, and slowing down, and this is done with “coffee ceremonies” and it starts in Ethiopia. Here’s the FACTS:

Coffee worldwide can trace its ancestory back centuries all the way to ancient coffee forests on Ethiopian plateau. Legends state that a goat herder first discovered its potential by chance. The goat herder noticed that his flock became excitable after grazing on an unusual red fruit. He then reported his findings to the abbot of the local monastery whom at first burned the fruit out of fear that it may be evil (see how quickly mankind is to assume things that are foreign are evil). However, once the monks smelled its aroma they decided to try it and mixed the fruit with water and indulged themselves by drinking and eating it. Next thing you know all-nighters full of prayer and chanting had never been easier. Soon word spread of the bean and it made its way through the Arabian Peninsula and soon all over the globe.

So shout out to our people AGAIN because we be finding things and educating the masses!! Haha! Now the most fascinating thing in my educational journey about our people in East Africa and coffee was the “coffee ceremony”.

The coffee ceremony is not something they rush but instead is meant to be an experience. The host of the ceremony is typically female and she begins with an assortment of fresh grasses and flowers that she puts on the floor and table. She then lights an incent filled with frankincense or sandalwood. Next they wash and roast the beans and then they are ground and mixed with boiling water. After, its placed over charcoal in order to brew before being served. The host serves the coffee to each guest and they have 2 more rounds filled with coffee and conversation.

Sounding a lot like cafes minus the computers and people glued to their phones. I can imagine how rich their conversations are especially after 3 cups of coffee. Speaking of the three cups they have specific purposes in the ritual and their own unique names. The first is called the Arbol which is the strongest cup. The second is the tona which is the milder and occurs after the second brew. The third cup is known as the berekha and it signifies a blessing. Beautiful right?! I don’t think I could handle that much coffee especially since in some rural areas they practice this ritual three times a day. However, the purpose and intention behind it is beautiful and I admire the practice. I, personally, have seen this when I worked at a coffee shop back in college where a “seasoned” group of friends would get together once a week and engage in conversation over several cups of coffee. I admired their commitment because they never missed a week together. As I’ve gotten older I’ve seen the value and importance in having those rituals with friends and family just to connect and share a moment that turns into a memory.

Last, but most importantly, I want to hit you with some fun information about coffee and its connection to your spiritual energy via Chakras. Since, yesterday we touched on holistic healing I wanted to share with you some cool things I was happy to learn about coffee. Caffiene holds with it the ability to open the 6th Chakra aka the 3rd eye. How? It works on the innermost part of the Chakra, the core. By working on the innermost part of the chakra you are able to connect more intimately with your own psychic power. Now that doesn’t mean go crazy and drink pitchers of caffeine because then you will see adverse effects. Coffees ability to stimulate your consciousness and better connect with your soul is truly a super power.

LOVE IT! So friends I hope you learned something new that you can take away and share with some loved ones over coffee in your own ceremony. Check out the recommendations below for books and a pairing of our coffee to go with it. If you aren’t signed up yet be sure to do so, so you don’t miss out on any days filled with information to fill your minds hunger for knowledge and positive vibes to quench your soul. Until tomorrow…

--Be Free

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