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Compositions & Coffee Presents: "Creative Soul Digest"

What’s Brewing with You Tuesday?

Good Day Lovelies and welcome back to Creative Soul Digest! Mmm I smell the coffee brewing in my kitchen as I’m typing this and I can’t wait to fully wake up my senses with that first sip. I actually brewed up Eclectic Blue in my coffee pot today and love it’s strong aroma and balanced taste. What’s brewing in your house this morning? If you didn’t make your cup this morning I’ll wait….no just playing but I would honestly love to engage with you in your coffee journey so let me know.

Alright folks this weeks WBWY is all about breakfast and cooking with kiddo’s. In the spirit of Mother’s Day I wanted to talk food, family, and bonding. I love breakfast and am one of those people that can eat it all day long. I come from a long line of breakfast fanatics actually (mostly content with cereal). Those of you that have Mother’s Day breakfast or brunch I wanted to give you some cool ideas for what to make at home. These recipes are outside the box and actually hale from our friends across the way.

Mother’s Day Breakfast Idea

Check out these other amazing recipes as well that I know will instantly become a favorite:

Your New Faves <--------CLICK THE LINK

For my mama’s that still have their kiddo’s (or forever our babies) at home I got some receipes for the whole family to get involved in. My little is still small but I’ve been in search of recipes that are fun, safe, will get him involved and learning about food. If you are like me check these out:

Mouth-watering right? I know I’m personally doing vegetable quesadillas tonight and I might try inside out or Nutella stuffed pancakes for Mother’s Day (my kid is obsessed with pancakes). Let me know how they worked out for you and yours. Also please feel free to share your faves on Mother’s Day as well.

Alright folks sorry if I made your bellies rumble but I hope this list was fun and helpful. Check out the recommendations below and be back tomorrow for the jams.

-Be Free

Your family at Eclectuals

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