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Back 2 Life Style Journey Thursday

Hello beautiful people let’s get ready to take down some notes for this weeks Back 2 Life Style Journey. I don’t know if any of you are like me but I have moments where I look through my closet and I struggle to make an outfit. It may be something simple like walking the dog, quick grocery store run, coffee with a friend, or Zoom meeting. Now when it comes to getting ready to flash for date night or show out for a party…..I got that down. I don’t know why but the simpler outfit the more work for me and when you add in weather conditions I give up and throw on yoga pants and jeggings. FOR REAL!! So for my beautiful mama’s that also struggle like me….I got you! I wanted to compile some style do’s and don’t's, and fun ideas to help guide you and help narrow down your options when it comes to picking out your threads and keeping it cute. Check these ideas out…

Fashionista Mom’s Guide

Capsule Wardrobe


Meaning buy things based on their ability to mix and match with other things in your closet. So, essentially, mixing skirts, jackets, pants, and sweaters, dresses and by mixing and matching giving yourself several different looks.

It’s In The Basics

Spend a little more on good quality basics such as T-shirts, undergarments, jeans etc. A little more may mean longer wear depending on the brands (mind how much you wash of course).

Your Style

Put your personal flare and touch in everything you do. Everyone has a “thing” or vice, mine, earrings. It doesn’t matter what just know I’m rocking some cute earrings with it. Updo or short hair style I go big, long hair or simple day, studs.

Now those are the guides to always have in your mind when you are thinking of revamping your wardrobe. Out with the old in with the new right? Also if you’ve just been lost and are looking for some guidance. I also have these “go-to’s” to keep in mind when shopping:

- Keep a good set of joggers

- A good leather jacket is always a good complement

- Oversized blazers

- Jeans in a “now” cut

- Booties

- Loafers

- Stylish sneakers or dope KIKS

- Jacket for each season

- Printed T’s

Try this out as your guide then jazz it up with your own flare. If the thought of all this overwhelms you there’s also subscription boxes you can try. Take a look:

So there’s ways to keep your closet fresh and manageable without feeling over or underdressed. Alright folks let me know what you think and if these tips were helpful. Check out the recommendations below see you tomorrow.

-Be Free

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