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Mindful Movement Monday

Hey Family and welcome back for another exciting month full of goodness. I love having the opportunity to share this space with y’all to expand our minds, for creative thinking, and building a community. I hope you find this space brings you the same joy.

It’s Summer, summer, summer Tiiiiime!!! It’s hot, the sun’s out, and that means WE OUT!!

Next month I got you on all things summer because this month is dedicated to FATHER’S. It’s Father’s Day this Sunday, so we are dedicating this time to honoring our brother’s. Our men deserve the spotlight and a well-deserved shout out for being the rock of the family. For those that stepped into the role…you are appreciated and valued. For the mentorship, unconditional love, guidance, and protection…our father’s are loved here at Creative Soul Digest and we devote this month to y’all. For this Mindful Movement Monday, I want to share some amazing movements that have been started to recognize the important role our brothers and father's play. Check it out.

Christopher Allen

Mr. Allen is an author, business, owner, writer, poet, speaker etc. who’s work focuses on inspiring personal growth, community, fatherhood, mindfulness, self-worth, and inner healing. He has written three books; A Guide to Open Wounds, and two editions both titled Open Wounds devoted to helping men move from “hurt to healing.” These books offer support and guidance to help our brother’s move from being stuck in their pasts and work through trauma to a place of health and greater purpose. Beyond his amazing books he’s also the co-host of Everyday People 365 Talk Show and producer of Issues of Men where he discusses topics men may be experiencing. Our brother Christopher Allen is doing some amazing things folks and we are here to shine the light on his movement and uplift him so he can continue to uplift our brothers. I have the link below for his YouTube channel.

The Black Man Can

Before I get into it let me just share the power of this statement from their WHO WE ARE…

“ We are architects, constructing a framework for how the world perceives, interacts, and embraces men and boys of color…taking us from a world of you can’t to a world that truly believes we CAN.”

Mick drop…..YES THEY SAID THAT!!! Such a powerful statement and they are doing just that FAM! Get with this organization because they are transforming communities and pushing for positive images of black men. I personally follow them on Instagram and I love their posts full of positivity and intentional highlights of Black Fathers. Check out their Raising Kings Campaign and Black Man Can Institute.

Black Father’s Matter

Ralph Bryant is an author, poet, and the host of the podcast Black Father’s Matter. Shackle’s Lost: A Poetry Mixtape is his telling of battling trauma, abandonment, and mental illness all in pursuit of healing and gratitude. His podcast Black Father’s Matter focuses on issues facing the black community and a real honest conversation between father's about mistakes made over the years. Check it out I have the link to the podcast below:

Don’t worry folks, it’s a series and I’ll have more so stayed tune for the next Mindful Movement. Also don’t be shy, drop me some comments, especially if you know some other amazing individuals out there advocating and giving space for our men. I’d love to share!

The recommendations are below as usual FAM! See you tomorrow, now go and….

--Be Free

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