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r-E-mix Wednesday

Hey y’all and welcome to Wednesday’s reborn. That’s right we are r-E-mixing Wednesday here at Creative Soul Digest. WHY? Well, we want to incorporate all aspects of entertainment going forward and open the door for more conversations. What better way to start then Father’s Day talking comics and SUPERHEROES! I got you fellas check it out:

Super Dad’s

In 2020, TheWrap published a segment on 12 Comic Book SuperHeroes Who Are Also SuperDad and I was intrigued. Of course, there’s more than 12 and comics change with new generations and new stories. The author did a great job summarizing these dad’s stories and what made them so memorable while also adding DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I had to LOL for that comment. Here’s the SUPER DAD’s that were listed:

1. Black Lightning

a. Jefferson Pierce AKA Black Lightening doubles as a father to his daughters and a father figure to his students. He’s a high school principle by day and superhero by night from the DC Comic world. Check the show out on CW.

2. Mr. Fantastic

a. I didn’t realize Reed became a dad but apparently he did. TheWrap quotes him as “the cool dad” to his son Franklin since he’s teaching him how to create universes. Ummm ya I’d say that’s pretty cool.

3. T’Chaka

a. My heart…..known as the previous king of Wakanda before his demise he was the Black Panther prior to T’Challa’s reign. He raised a super genius and two great warriors whom both fought for a better world.

4. Luke Cage

a. I love me some Luke Cage y’all and it’s true he had a daughter with fellow superhero Jessica Jones. Luke was also an Avenger but left to devote more time to his family. Luke was also a role model to the youth in his neighborhood.

5. Thomas Wayne

a. I honestly know nothing about this story but according to TheWrap, Bruce Wayne’s father go the chance to be a Dark Knight after the Flash changed history during the Flashpoint DC Comics crossover event. Thomas Wayne put on the cape after Bruce was killed in a robbery (switcharoo) but sacrificed his own life to set the timeline right again and save his son. A father’s love…

6. Odin

a. We all know Odin by now and he’s definitely more of the tough love kinda father. Despite his tough demeanor, and "conquer the universe" attitude, he loves his children and fought to empower Thor.

7. Tony Stark

a. Ugh…. Avengers Endgame messed me up so I will shed tears as I type… “I love you 3000.” Right?! He went from the ultimate bachelor to an amazing dad to Morgan and a surrogate father to Spiderman.

8. Howard Stark

a. TheWrap reminded me that he was a surrogate father himself….to Captain America during the super soldier experiment days. As we all know he’s also Ironman’s father. Raising and supporting 2 of the greatest Avengers of all time, Howard was quite the man.

9. Jor-El

a. I was super annoyed during Man of Steel because everyone’s name was botched BAD but Russell Crowe is my guy so I tolerated it for a bit. Daddy Jor-El sacrificed his life to save not just his son but his entire civilization. What a guy right?

10. Bruce Wayne

a. I love how the writer described him as, “the tough loving, micro-managing, sports dad of the list.” Couldn’t have used a better description if I tried. Bruce was a surrogate father to Dick Greyson, Jason Todd, and Time Drake while also being a father to his own son Damien. He challenged and pushed each of them while also protecting them.

11. Mr. Incredible

a. I love that he’s on the list because we laughed, smiled, and cried watching his journey through fatherhood in both Incredibles and Incredibles 2. I can’t wait to see where they go with the 3rd installment.

12. Alfred Pennyworth

a. Last but not least….Alfred! Yes this man deserves all the flowers and praise because he raised and cared for THE BAT. Just as the author stated he was there during his darkest times, stitched him up when he was hurt, washed his suit, fed him, and even told it to him straight when he needed to hear it. Alfred was Batman’s greatest supporter, friend, and confidante…all the things we love about our fathers.

Pretty great list am I right? It’s cool to think of all the lives many of these Superheroes touched and how many were given the name father. My comic fans fact check and let me know if anything is missing ( I know you will). What a great way to start the r-E-mix I hope you enjoyed it (I’m a comichead so I sure did). Alright folks so much more coming on Wednesday’s so make sure you pop in. Check out the recommendations below and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.

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