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Back 2 LifeStyle Journey Thursday

Hey there family and welcome to our Back 2 Lifestyle Journey. I cackled as I was looking through the time capsule of dad fashion. As you can see from the above picture….it’s been a slow progression but fellas y’all have been on your game! I peep’d the fashion trends for the past 5-10 years and I must say I’m impressed. Way in y’all, I got the photos, see for yourself and check out the fashion “dad” trends of 2021.

Daddy Style Journey

Yes this was 80s and 90s dad swag for sure. Am I right fellas? In 2018 Balenciaga did an "ode to dad" in its Spring/Summer collection with chunky sneakers, oversized clothes, boxy blazers, draped-button downs and anoraks, and who could forget the dad jeans....

This style is seen even now in streetwear which has grabed hold of 90s grunge, skater, and hip-hop elements to create a unique look. However, dad’s are forever changing the game, and nowadays have many of us looking like “who’s dad is that”….check out these notable looks:

Our brother’s stay fly and are always over here looking like Kings. I love the coordination with their littles, so adorable. Looking at these photos you can see how some trends were brought back to life but reimagined like the draped-button downs, sneakers, and Hawaiian shirts. Love it!

Looking good fellas!

Alright y’all that’s our journey for today, looking at how our dad’s are keeping it fresh and so clean clean! Hehe! Drop me some comments, fellas give me the feedback, and check out the recommendations below…they never disappoint. Come back and vibe with me tomorrow…

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