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Compositions & Coffee Presents: "Creative Soul Digest"

It’s A Vibe Friday

Hey Hey Hey it’s Fri-YAY again folks let’s get ready to play that vibe music.

In the spirit of all things D-A-D we have a father’s day playlist with songs all about our #1 favorite guy. These songs are all about father’s over the years and, some, in search of that father figure. For our papa’s, grandpa’s, mentors, friends, brothers, and Brotha’s….this is for you we love you, we see you, we appreciate you...

Playlist for Dad’s

Alright family let me know your thoughts on the playlist and what tunes resonated with you.

Recommendations are below folks enjoy your weekend and to all my father’s out there in all capacities…

--Be Free

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A sumatra and Indonesian coffee from the Ketiara collective (women farmers). It's a dark, earthy, deep, full bodied, and complex coffee. It's flavors are creamy, sweet, spice, and butterscotch.

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