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Mindful Movement Monday

Hello Beautiful people and welcome back for Mindful Movement Monday!! Father’s Day has passed and I hope it was met with love and appreciation. Here at Creative Soul Digest, we will continue to honor and celebrate our dad’s, all year long, but also dedicate the rest of the month to our brothas! We love y’all! This Monday, we are going to give you a little background on Father’s Day and it’s official induction into the federal calendar as well as continue to connect you with companies and movements celebrating and acknowledging our Black Men. Speaking of federal induction of holidays JUUUUUNETEENTH Y’ALL!!! Woohoo!! I know some still find it controversial but keep in mind those who have been fighting to acknowledge and celebrate this day. They have put up the good fight for decades and we celebrate with them...PERIOD! That’s my speech on that now back to Father’s…let’s get to it!

History of Father’s Day

Women motivate, inspire, encourage, transcend….ehemm sorry this about that fellas but I know y’all know! So, it’s only natural that Father’s Day was inspired by Mother’s Day, right? Right! Except Father’s Day wasn’t made an official federal holiday until 1972! Why? Well, Father’s Day didn’t have the same appeal as Mother’s Day and therefore wasn’t as well received or met with the same enthusiasm. Despite all of that, they pressed on because our men deserve the recognition. Similar to Mother’s Day, in 1908 a church hosted an event to honor Father’s on a Sunday. They did so in memory of the death of 362 men who died in the Coal mines. Another attempt was made a year later in Spokane, Washington by a woman who wanted to gain support for father’s day as a holiday. Little by little word got out and momenumt gained and then President Coolidge called for states to observe the holiday in 1924. However, it wasn’t until President Nixon signed in 1972 to have it added to the federal calendar. Similar to Mother’s Day people criticized it’s commercialism stating similar issues with it being gimmicky and meant to support retail companies instead of truly honoring father’s. There was also a push for Parent’s day by putting the two holiday’s together instead of separate, however, that push was halted very quickly by the Great Depression. Then, World War 2 ultimately pushed the agenda for Father’s Day to continue as a way to honor the troops and the war.

Interesting stuff right? Either way we know honoring PARENTS in all capacities is important.

Support Black Father Movements

As promised I have some more amazing groups for y’all to check out. The first to highlight is Father’s Incorporated founded by Kenneth Braswell. Father's Incorporated is on a mission to inspire and encourage positive parenting by promoting "responsible fatherhood". They offer a variety of programs such as in home and virtual parenting training. Mr. Braswell is an author and father of 4 himself. I’ll drop the link to the website as well as him books in the recommendation section.

The Dad Gang was founded by Sean William’s as an online movement to fight the stereotypes of Black dad’s. Their social media is full of beautiful pictures of father’s with their children all celebrating the beauty and reality of fatherhood. Last year, they organized a march on Washington called the March of Dad’s to protest racial injustice and support George Floyd’s daughter Gigi. I love them!! I have the link below to their social media page so you can follow and support them.

Last but not least, is Dope Black Dad’s and they are DOPE!!!! They have an amazing Podcasts for men to discuss fatherhood, celebrate fatherhood, heal, inspire, and educate. An adult-only parent discussion hosted by Marvyn Harrision where the conversation explore all aspects of life and the black experience. It’s super cool folks I highly recommend tuning in and will leave the link for you below.

Yessss celebrate the movements acknowledge the power and raise a glass and toast to our men! Like I said before we love you, we see you, we honor and support you. We will change the stereotype and shine light on the positive roles our father’s play. Yessir! Let me know how I did fellas I hope you felt the love! Get on these bomb recommendations folks don’t miss out and let’s get back together tomorrow…much love…

--Be Free

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