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Compositions & Coffee Presents: "Creative Soul Digest"

What’s Brewing With You Tuesday

Welcome everyone and get ready to get it this Tuesday because, YOU WANT IT, WE GOT IT!

I have been on an ice coffee binge all week…like 2-3 ice coffee’s per day (yes I’m aware of my problem….no I will not quit) Haha! I always make a big batch too. Imagine me with my pitcher of ice coffee and it will all make sense. My favorite part though folks is the pour…. sit with the vision.... me….a clear glass….black coffee…the slow trinkle of milk seeping slowly down to the bottom. It’s so beautiful, and I do the slow pour each time. Give it a try, appreciate the simplicity. Well folks today we are looking at some of the top coffee shops in the country (according to Men’s Journal) and some of the best drinks to order when visiting your favorite spot. Continuing to honor our men this month, both of these lists came from Men’s magazines and journals. Check it out…

The Best Coffee Shops in The U.S. (According to Men’s Journal)

An article written by Tyler Coates listed the top 40 Best Coffee Shops in the U.S,. and I tucked the list in my back pocket for future road trips. The best way to test out a coffee shop for quality is ordering a black coffee and tasting a shot of their espresso (also harassing the Barista’s with thousands of questions to test their knowledge, but that’s just me). I’ve separated the list by West, East, and South and as you review it let me know in the comments if you’ve been to these spots and if they were worth the visit.




Now this is not all 40 coffee’s, there’s more and I’ve got the link to Men’s Journal up above if you’d like the full comprehensive list. Again, share with me if you’ve frequented any of these establishments, I want a full review. Next up…types of coffee to order.

Types of Coffee to Order

This article from Men’s Variety was amazing! 7 Types of Coffee to Order at the Café and I really thought I knew them all but NO! Different lingo and it was broken down based on desires and needs…LOVE IT!! Here we go…

The Long Black- Early Morning Choice

Comparable to an Americano, which is shots of espresso mixed with water, The Long Black is apparently much stronger. The difference between the two is the water is boiling hot and shots are poured on top for The Long Black. Makes sense because I’d imagine you’d be hit with the strong coffee first.

Double/ Doppio Espresso- The Quick Fix

Why? Because sometimes you just don’t have time. Waiting in line, the time to make it, the need for instant caffeine…to the rescue is 2 shots of espresso. It’s hot fresh from the machine so you may need to splash a bit of coffee or water in there before you drink it down.

Pour Over- The Connoisseur’s Choice

Yes, because when you want to really taste their coffee, the pour over method is the way to go. It’s well worth the wait, requiring a brewing time of 5-7 minutes. Enjoy the flavor notes.

Mocha’s and Latte’s- The Long Sip

Mocha Choca Latah Yaya baby….couldn’t resist! I agree with this one because you don’t throw back or chug mocha’s and latte’s you really do sip slowly. Both are full of milk and foam and are truly filling.

Cappuccino- The Light Touch

Here is the opposite of filling since the cappuccino is compromised of foam with light milk. The cappuccino can be made dry (mostly foam) and wet (more milk) but ultimately consist of less milk giving you the ability to enjoy you coffee without the heaviness.

Seasonal Faves- Your Girlfriend’s Drink

I laughed out loud at this one because it’s true Starbucks did create the overly done specialty drink….and I know I made them. However, coffee shops do have their own specialty beverages and they can vary from shop to shop. I also love trying their holiday favorites.

The Flat White- The Smooth Operator

Then smooth is my jam because Flat White’s are my favorite!! I was so hyped when these made their way to Starbucks because they truly are delicious and fun to make. Made up of milk, foam, and shots of espresso poured into the center to make the brown dot in the middle, the flavor is instant. I highly recommend.

Fun right? I hope it gave you some fun things and pushed you outside your coffee comfort zone. Let me know what you’ve been drinking this week, this month, today! Share your coffee treats with me, insight about the shops, and what you think of these 7 favorites. The recommendations are below per usual so don’t miss out! See you for another exciting r-E-mix Wednesday!

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