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Compositions & Coffee Presents: "Creative Soul Digest"

Beast Coast Wednesday

What up, What up, Yo welcome to Beast Coast Wednesday! From my intro you can tell I’m already in the spirit and ready to jam out! I’ve been listening to this playlist in preparation all week and let me tell you it has me feeling myself (ha literally!).

We are strong, beautiful, and sexy just like our lady bits so to continue celebrating them and our discussion of our baby makers I found a dope playlist for that. It’s sexy, a bit raunchy, and DEFINELTY explicit (parental advisory warning) but music about our delicate flower always is. So let’s get it:

Tehehe! Feeling sexy yet? If yes, then I’ve done my job. If not tell me what makes you take pride in your cookie! WAP was our latest Flower Power song that stirred up some controversy but had women everywhere singing along (and dancing I’m sure). Songs like WAP, (blunt, raunchy, entertaining), take away the stigma that women’s sexuality should be kept quiet and within the social constructs of what’s deemed “lady like.” There has always been a sort of shame when it came to being open about one’s body and sexuality but this music boasts pride and breaks barriers and I LOVE IT! Plus the timing, I felt, was perfect since it was before Valentine’s Day. I want to pump you full of pride, confidence, and make ya feel sexy so you have something to jam to up until the celebration of love.

Alright friends I hope you enjoyed, had a good laugh, and took a moment to appreciate the beauty of the pink flower. Check out the recommendations below and be back tomorrow as we talk about fun and exciting ways to decorate our flower! Be safe and be vigilant today FAM and as always...

--Be Free

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