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Beast Coast Wednesday

Hey There Brothers and Sisters let’s continue to BUST through our week with BEAST COAST WEDNESDAY! I have some amazing music for you to add to your jam list this week and it perfectly fits for the seven principles of Kwanzaa. I wanted to give ya’ll some music that makes you feel pride, stronger together, but tells our story. Without further ado…

Dope Kwanzaa Playlist:

Alright ya’ll 25 songs to make you groove and pump your first in the air! You may not be here for all of the songs and that’s okay TELL ME what songs evoke that feeling in you. This collection has songs from 1939 up to today so I felt it would speak to a wide audience, not to mention the big names associated. The Black Lives Matter Movement has encouraged many artist to get involved if not in protest and politics then music to inspire and uplift our people. One of the songs that came after George Floyd for example was from rapper Lil Baby The Bigger Picture. I honestly appreciated the truth spoken in this song as well. Another golden nugget that made a BIG SPLASH was I’m not Racist by Joyner Lucas and please watch the video with the song because it will have a bigger impact; strong language warning.

Lastly folks albums to check out:

Wale’s album Wow… That’s Crazy, is for my beautiful black queens and princesses out there. Honestly, this album itself was just POWER in general but for my sisters we got Black Bonnie, BGM, and Poledancer just cause we need a twerk song in there as well. Expectations and Sue Me are 2 songs I bump on the regular as loud as possible so people KNOW what’s up. Next ya’ll GOTTA CHECK OUT Esperanza Spalding and her Radio Music Society Album. SHE’S A BOSS!! Her song Black Gold will give you life but honestly the whole album is FIRE! You know I got you on the links.

Alright friends this Wednesday was short but intentionally because I gave you a lot of homework. HA! I want you to give me some feedback on the music you listened to and share with me what brings tears to your eyes, fire in your soul, and makes you throw that first up in salute. I have the usual recommendations below and above are the links to each song and album mentioned. Love Peace and…

--Be Free

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