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Back 2 LifeStyle Journey

Heyyyyy y'all (yes the image you have in your head is CORRECT, cue neck roll)!

Thanks for stopping by to check us out today! It's all about fashion and the continued trends, game changers, and, that "challenge the status quo" attitude! We about that life!

I’m sharing with you today a video from Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2022 Menswear Collection. I lost my mind when I saw this video! I don’t want to spoil anything for you so I’ll share below and then discuss after. Those of you that are "in the know " please scroll past the video to commentary….Enjoy!

Right! Mic Drop. The African and Asian connection had me so in love and to put it together in such a dynamic way..BLOWN! Then, we journey through the iron portal into the wondrous mythical forest of fashion. Virgil Abloh, is a fashion designer and the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection. He has been behind the scenes since 2018 opening our minds to a new way to view fashion. He is quoted in an editorial by Vogue Magazine saying, “I’ve started to let my imagination run wild,” “I would try to create the world as I would like to see it in real life. Having something pop culture and fashion, that’s an education and maybe opens minds. To me, that’s the North Star.” The contrast of colors, dramatic pauses, music, poetry, an ode the Hip Hop, change from chaotic to calm, the storyline…it was truly a remarkable creation. I got a total Kill Bill Vibe when his apprentice walked through the door to unveil the next lineup. Wu-Tang!!!! You know the first watch through I didn’t even realize he was literally spittin! Ha!

It was DOPE FAMILY! I can’t say enough the styles, the suits, gloves, bags, hats it was truly breathtaking. I have a few pictures below of the line to wrap this up…

Yess!! Weigh in y’all what did you think? I want to hear feedback from the fellas as well. Don’t be shy this is a share space, we love your feedback! Check out the recommendations for this Thursday and let’s vibe tomorrow.

--Be Free

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