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Compositions & Coffee Presents: "Creative Soul Digest"

What’s Brewing With You

What’s up family or better yet, What’s Brewing With You? I know it’s hot so I’m assuming everyone has been drinking iced beverages. I’m still on my ice coffee hustle with an occasional iced tea here and there. But I get it! Every now and then we have to switch it up, spice it up am I right? Speaking of spicing it up this week we are looking at some of my summer favorites. These beverages you can add a little ‘sumptin sumptin’ if you’d like or just simply savor the rich flavor as the perfect cool down. It does it all. Of course, I’ll share my iced tea recipes as well. I’ll save that for last, in the meantime, check these out…

Summer Sippers

All of these are super simple to make, inexpensive, and taste so refreshing. They are literally the perfect summer SIP and my personal favorites, all courtesy of I love making mine with crushed ice just as a side note. Alright, let’s look at these iced teas….

Strawberry Lemonade Sun Tea

· 24 oz spring or filtered water

· 2 tbsp sweetner

· 3 bags of iced tea (I prefer green or herbal)

· 1 lemon

· 6 large strawberries

· Sunlight

· Ice

Southern Strawberry Sweet Tea

· 3 cups of strawberries

· Lemon

· 5 tea bags

· 1 cup of sugar

· 2 quarts spring or filtered water

Raspberry Mango Ice Tea

· 6 cups of filtered or spring water

· 6 black tea bags

· 2 cups of mango nectar

· Honey

· 1 ½ cups of mango slices

· mint

Matcha Mint Ice Tea

· 2 teaspoons matcha

· 2 cups of water

· 2 cups crushed ice

· 1 lime

· Handful of mint

· honey

Yum. I hope you get a chance to try some of these. Let me know your faves or what you have been making this summer. Don’t forget to share your iced coffee faves as well so we can talk methods. The recommendations are below for you, let me know if you have some you’d like to share as well. See you for the REMIX…

--Be Free

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