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r-E-mix Wednesday

Woowoo we made it to the HUMP y’all. Happy Wednesday I hope you’ve all been enjoying your week thus far. Now, I know Wednesday isn’t Friday but it sure is something to get hyped over. We are all about that… entertainment (gotcha). Basically, Wednesday’s at Creative Soul Digest is the better, and dopest version of E! This r-E-mix we are talking Summer blockbusters. Now that movie theaters are open again and we are given options of in home vs. in theater we are seeing movies pop up everywhere. I know I have quite a few on my summer list and many I’m still finding out about. So without further ado….

In the Heights

Another great musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda turned film, about New York city youngsters in pursuit of the American dream, love, and pursuit of a better life. The movie was released on June 11th, in theaters, but can also be streamed on HBO Max. Rated PG-13.


Disney and Pixar are back with this adorable film based in Italy about 2 young boys journey discovering a new world on land. Luca and Alberta are fish out of water but not quite mermaids, more like sea monsters, but they mean no harm. This adorable story is heartwarming and full of family fun with some cute laugh out loud moments. I encourage you to grab your little ones and jump on Disney+ for this film. Released June 18 rated PG.


And they are back! With their original release date pulled due to the pandemic last year, they pulled out all the stops for this new release. I’m sure I don’t need to give you the whole background on Fast & Furious but this new film promises to be full of new thrills, new characters (and the return of the favorites), and a fun new storyline. BOMB drop Dom’s brother…..WHAT!! Check it out in theaters or HBO Max. Rated PG-13.

Boss Baby Back in Business

The sequel is here and it’s just as hilarious as the first one. We are now seeing Tim as a father and exploring the relationship between his daughter and his brother, the OG Boss Baby, (you’ll understand after you watch it). It’s a super cute family fun film so grab everybody for this one and prepare to revisit your childhood imagination. In theaters now and streaming with a Peacock subscription. Rated G.

Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff is back folks and she’s finally getting her first feature film. We have watched her in the Avengers but she seemed to always be a background figure, outshined by her larger than life fellow Avengers. Now, we get the full picture of her background and see her for the “bad mutha” she truly is. I won’t tell you too much but just know we finally get a glimpse into her complicated past. You can watch it in theaters or stream on Disney + Premier Access. Rated PG-13 available July 9th.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

I struggled so much when I heard the news about a sequel after so long and knowing that it would be Lebron James and not Kobe (RIP). Space Jam was one of my all-time favorites as a kid and I can still watch that movie today and know every line and bellow the soundtrack. However, as we learned with Coming to America 2….you have to see the movie for what it is and it’s meaning TODAY. There’s always a connection to the original but you truly have to let some of these films stand on their own. I’m going to let it do just that. The story line in this version is about Lebron James saving his son by playing…you guessed it a basketball game with our cartoon friends. Release date is set for July 16th and it will also be in theaters and steaming on HBO Max. Rated PG.


M. Night Shyamalan is back at it again and taking us all to a secluded island. In this film, shot in the Dominican republic, guests coming to this island experience aging at an accelerated rate. Hence the title “Old”. It’s a pretty cool concept and M. Night is always conveying some deeper message hidden within so I’m very curious to see what light he’s shining in this film. The movie debuts July 23rd in theaters only. Rated PG-13

Jungle Cruise

Who remembers this theme park ride? Well, it is now a live action film starring two of my favorites Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt. Based on the Disneyland ride, the storyline consists of a boat captain and researcher in search of a legendary tree said to possess supernatural powers. I’m invested in this one folks, so I’ll definetly give you the feedback. Set release date is July 30th and it’s rated PG-13.


2 words….Matt Damon! If he’s in a film you know it’s going to be action packed. In this film he plays a Blue collar dad from Oklahoma who is on a mission to prove his daughters innocence after she’s convicted of murder. I love Matt Damon in these roles because he gives you all the emotions in his 1 signature look ( I know y’all know what I’m talking about). This is sure to be an interesting storyline so let me know what you think. In theaters July 30th and streaming on Amazon Prime. Rated R.

The Suicide Squad

Yes, it’s the squad, but no it’s not THEE squad. The title is confusing because you think it’s the sequel when in reality it’s more like a reboot. Same storyline government needs a special task force to go on a secret mission….and who better to make the force than a bunch of misfits/ criminals. Our favorites are back with a bunch of new characters and masterminds. It’s going to be another wild ride, buckle up. Release day was pushed up to August 5th in theaters and streaming on HBO Max. Rated R.

Free Guy

Oh Ryan Reynolds! Back at it again but with a fun interesting concept…he’s a video game character. Serving as an extra inside a video game, Reynolds, comes to the realization that he has autonomy…but does he truly? Now he faces extinction as his game will soon go offline. Super interesting concept, especially for all my gamer friends out there. Plus….it’s Ryan Reynolds so you know it’s going to have you falling out of your seat. In theaters August 13th and currently not available for streaming. Rated PG-13.


Yes, after receiving the blessing from Ms. Aretha Franklin herself, Jennifer Hudson is here to deliver the amazing biopic. Along with Hudson, Forest Whitaker, Audra McDonald, Mary J. Blige, and Marlon Wayans are all apart of this amazing Allstar cast. I can’t wait! Release date also August 13th and no confirmation on streaming as of yet but I’ll update this post if they announce a streaming service. Rated PG-13.


The first thriller of the summer (don’t quote me on that) and it’s Candyman. I’ll be honest I’m not a big thriller person scary movies give me the Heebie Jeebies so I won’t be seeing this film. But please give feedback for the rest of our scary movie buffs. The trailer was crazy and the movie is a follow up to the 1992 horror film with the same name and similar storyline. Jordan Peele was also the co-writer so you know there’s going to be some deep thought provoking moments. In theaters August 27th and streaming is unknown at this time. Again, I will update you if things change. Rated R.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Last but not least, a dope Martial Arts movie hailing from the MCU universe and based on the comic character Shang-Chi. You may remember the Ten Rings organization from previous MCU films like Iron Man and Ant-man. This film centers around Shang-Chi who could be a future star in the MCU. This is one I’m really excited for since it combines my two loves: Martial Arts and Comics. In theaters September 3rd and hopefully Disney + but that will be another update. Not rated yet.

Woot woot!! Anyone else super excited for these blockbusters?! Let me know what’s on your watch list or what you’ve seen already. I know I’m probably going to wind up seeing all of them (including Candyman but I’ll sleep with my lights on for at least a week). Ha!

Per usual get on these recommendations and be back for our Style Journey Thursday…

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