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What's Brewing with You?

Greeting All and welcome to another great discussion of all things coffee, drinks, and food. I love talking all things coffee and food since they are 2 of my favorite things (my list is pretty long). I’ve taken a small break from coffee (personal choice) in an effort to drink more water and tea. It’s been pretty hot lately so I wanted to make sure I was consuming more water than coffee because I can go an entire day and realize I didn’t have any water. So, herbal tea, green tea, and water have been my go to. Another recent change in my household has been going Vegan and Gluten Free and I’m happy to report we’ve never felt better. One of the things we’ve incorporated in our diet more has been jackfruit! Yes, that’ right Jackfruit! Today I wanted to share all the amazing things about this superfruit that you may not know….

About Jackfruit

Have you ever seen a bumpy large blob in your local grocery store? Chances are it was a jackfruit and you didn’t even know it. My description sounds terrible but let me tell you jackfruit tastes amazzzzing! Many vegetarians and vegans use it as a meat alternative or replacement since it’s easy to cook and it has a nice texture/ consistency similar to chicken or meat.

The fruit itself grows in the tropical areas of Southeast Asia and Africa.

Health Benefits

Jackfruit contains no saturated fat nor cholesterol, is light in sodium and, bonus, low calories. It also has fiber and potassium which are things we don’t always get in our regular diet. Jackfruit seeds are rich in protein just don’t expect it to be the same amount as a chicken breast.

How to Eat It

Now people use jackfruit for numerous things like vegan beef jerky, meat in tacos, burritos, stir-fries, curries, etc. This fruit can even be eaten raw and is sweet enough that some eat it as part of their desert. Jackfruit soaks up the sauce you partner it with so many will use bold, spicy flavors, and even good ole fashion BBQ sauce. You can buy the fruit whole or some stores have puree’d and sliced jackfruit available. Don’t worry if you’re still at a loss I have a few recipes below for you to try….


That’s right family the options are endless and very tasty. So let me know which ones are your favorites and please feel free to share the pics of your delicious meal. Recommendations are below loved ones see you back for the r-E-mix!!

--Live Free

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