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r-E-mix Wednesday

Welcome everyone thanks for reading this r-E-mix Wednesday edition here at Creative Soul. We are here for all things entertainment and today we are checking out what’s happening in the world of Hip-Hop. We’ve been waiting for music to drop all Summer and are still anticipating more albums to drop. This Wednesday let’s take a peak at what albums have made their debut and which will make their appearance soon.

Highly Awaited Hip-Hop Albums

Drake, Certified Lover Boy

Oh Drake you are such a tease! We have been anxiously awaiting the Certified Lover Boy album since his announcement early this year. He teased with his 3 song drop that literally stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 top 3 for weeks, Wants and Needs, What’s Next, Lemon Pepper Freestyle. Drake has been at the top for a long time now and we already know his next album will be FIRE. Right now it’s just a matter of when. Originally we all expected it to drop during the Summer like many of his other albums but as of today we are still waiting. We will definitely have a full review once it hits.

Kendrick Lamar

Our beloved Kendrick hasn’t dropped any new music since his award winning Album Damn in 2017 and the soundtrack to Black Panther in 2018. In an interview Kendrick stated he has been looking for a new sound and desiring something that excites him. In 2020 he has been seen in and out of the studio and many anticipate his next album will be dropping sometime in 2021 but as of now nothing has been announced. He has been back out on the road doing shows so it’s possible he’s giving fans glimpses of what’s to come. Either way we are dying for some new Kendrick music as of yesterday.

J.Cole, The Off Season

J. Cole has been hinting at this album since 2018 in his song 1985. He’s been teasing new music since December of 2020 and in May his album The Off Season dropped with a bang. I’ve listened to this album on repeat for a week and it’s BOMB! So far 95. South,, and interlude have been my favorites. J. Cole never misses a beat as usual!

Nicki Minaj, Beam Me Up Scotty

Yes, Nicki is back and she’s bringing the heat! Everyone was talking about Seeing Green since she brought the heavy hitters with her. The song was dope but it did seem like Nicki was slightly drowned out amongst her fellow superstar brethren. However, Nicki can hold her own and her album was B-A-D! She solidified that she will always been the Queen of the rap game no matter who else comes along.


The Culture lll is out as of June 2021 and I can’t keep still. No matter how you feel about the Migos they know how to make you “shake ya rump thang”. Haha

I love the combo of the Migos and Drake and the song Having Our Way feat. Drake was just what the doctor ordered. They are never someone to sleep on because they are always getting creative and adding new elements to their music.

Cardi B

“ If it’s up then it’s up then it’s up” right? Love me some Cardi B and I’m trying to sit tight and wait for her next album but it’s been a stuggle. Up and WAP were clear teasers and everyone has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of her sophomore album. All we know is that when it arrives everyone will have the volume up and the windows to their car down! I’m guessing it will make it’s appearance around Halloween this year. Fingers crossed.

Kayne West

Our brother Kayne has had a lot going on over the past year but that hasn’t stopped him from frequenting the studio. Donda has been his latest project that he announced in July of 2020. Many expected Donda: With Child to make it’s debut but since we haven’t heard much, other than 1 song that was leaked, “New Body” with Ty Dolla Sign and Nicki Minaj. We are all awaiting it’s full drop and hopefully it will be sometime over the next few months.

Baby Keem

The cousin of Kendrick Lamar, Baby Keem has been someone everyone is keeping their eyes on. He dropped Die for My B**ch in 2019 and was instantly named an artist to watch. He released Hooligan and Sons & Critics Freestyle last fall which were full of dope bars and clearly showcased his talent. His album will be exactly what fans have been waiting for and will hold him as raps next up and coming dominating force.

Young Thug, Slime Language 2

Last but certainly not least, Young Thug and his collab with Young Stoner Life and Gunna. His compilation with these 2 rap kings is just one album drop for the year and it’s bomb! He will also have his solo album drop this year titled Punk. In the meantime we will have to be content with Slime Language 2 which, I’m perfectly content with. Litty feat DaBaby, Solid feat. Drake, and Take it to Trial feat. Yak Gotti are my top 3 from the compilation so far.

Now, those are just my top that I’ve been waiting for, please feel free to share yours because I know there’s a ton of new music coming. Let me know what you think of the albums that have hit so far and how you are holding up waiting for these other albums. I know I’m struggling.

Alright loves, the recommendations are below so please check them out and I’ll see you back here for our Style Journey Thursday.

--Live Free

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